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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Giants looking at Fogg

We are about 4 weeks away from pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training and the San Francisco Giants still have some work to do. Recently, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that the Giants have had discussions with Josh Fogg's agent about the 29 year-old rightie joining the club. The sticking point seems to be that the Giants 40 man roster is full and they would only be able to sign Fogg to a minor league deal. Fogg's agent says his client is still seeking a guaranteed major league deal, and there is little doubt some team will give him one. Ryan Franklin recently got 2.6 million from the Philladelphia Phillies, and Franklin had a worse year last season than Fogg, not to mention Fogg is 4 years younger and has yet to test positive for steroids as Franklin has. Fogg was 6-10 last year with a 5.05 era. Prior to last seasons fall off, Fogg had managed to win double digit games his first 3 years in the Pittsburgh rotation. Fogg would be a slight upgrade to Hennessey and would give the Giants much needed depth in their starting rotation. The teams' only projected starter to hit the 200 inning mark last season is Noah Lowrey, so it is likely that the Giants will need to call on other arms for starts this season. That being said, Giant fans aren't too excited about the prospect of Jeff Fassero and Kevin Corriea getting a ton of starts. For that reason, I would like to see Fogg, or another capable starter added. Merkin Valdez has yet to show he is ready to pitch at the big league level and it is likely that he will not be a member of the big league staff until 2007. If the Giants don't land Fogg, the only way they will likely aquire another starter, would be via trade.

Other than Fogg, there aren't many names out there. Shawn Estes was mentioned, but he signed with San Diego last week. Wade Miller is a wildcard who is still on the market after being non-tendered by Boston. Miller is likely out until may recovering from elbow surgery, but this guy was a front of the rotation pitcher when he was healthy in Houston. He may be a guy who would be worth a minor league deal. The Giants are also interested in a back-up catcher, but they are not a choice destination with gold-glover and ironman Mike Matheny on board. One interesting name still out there may be Charles Johnson. He would undoubtedly take a minor league deal, but he's been injured most of the last few seasons.

One interesting Subject I saw being discussed on a message board the other day was the idea of aquiring Todd Walker from the Cubs. Apparantly the Cubbies are shopping him and want to give the 2nd base job to Niefi Perez. Walker would give the Giants a left-handed option at first base, and also a premium insurance piece to the oft-injured Ray Durham, who is also in the last year of his contract. Not sure what the Cubs would want, but they are always looking for relievers. Mayber Tyler Walker and Todd Linden? I know I'd make the offer if I where Sabean. I still think the Giants have holes at the corner infield positions. Having Feliz and Niekro in their constantly at the same time could weigh down the offense. They are both right handed power hitters who don't hit righties well and struggle to get on base. I would like a left-handed option to through into the mix and I would like Mark Sweeney to stick to pinch hitting. Until next time, listen to a few podcasts I've made appearances on Mysportsradio.com fantasy football . Also I have a weekley segment doing fantasy basketball, MSR NBA Fantasy. Please check them out, let me know what you think. I haven't done any Giants podcasting yet, but I will let you know when it happens. I encourage all readers to check out mysportsradio.com, and bang the boards. If you do, put Trevor as your referer, if you love sports talk, you'll love MSR, offering podcasting, and message boards on all sports/teams. Also I'd lake to give a thanks to ewoss.com for recently adding my blog to their SF Giants page. Check it out.
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