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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Coaching Carousel on the Horrizon?

The Giants recently invited all their coaches back for the 2006 season, but it doesn't look like a lock that they will all return. Last thursday, Giants' bench coach Ron Wotus was interviewed by the Dodgers regarding their Managerial position. Also, pitching coach Dave Righetti is on the Yankee's radar as a possible replacement for Mel Stottlemyre. I doubt Wotus will land the Dodger job, but New York may be a good fit for Rags. He had some of his most successful seasons in his career pitching for the Yankees. The Yankees haven't asked for permission to speak to Righetti yet, but If Raggs were to leave, it would open up a door for Mark Gardner to possibly take over as the pitching coach. I don't think a change would be all that bad. Outside of Russ Ortiz, there is no pitcher who came up under Righetti who has had a really solid career. As far as Wotus is concerned, many viewed him as next in line on the Giants managerial list, it's not too surprising he's getting calls. He's well respected around the game, but I think the Dodgers will get a higher profile guy to take over there in LA. The LA Times is reporting that Terry Collins has emerged as the favorite to get the job, but there are still interviews to be conducted. Either way, both coaches are expendable, so don't be too amazed or worried if the Giants let one or both of them go. Brian Sabean said he was surprised that it has taken this long for a team to contact about Wotus, and he wonders why more teams don't call about other guys in the organization such as advanced scout Jack Hiatt. Why would teams be jumping all over Jack Hiatt? In his 14 seasons here, he's churned out only a handful of Major Leaguers. I haven't seen an organization that struggles this bad developing hitters. This team hasn't produced an everyday player since Bill Mueller.

The Arizona Fall league has started and the Giants have a few players playing there who should be on the big league roster next season, I will keep you updated on what they do throughout the Fall. Jeremy Accardo, Justin Knoedler, Brian Burres, Kevin Frandsen and Daniel Ortmier are all playing for the Mesa Solar Sox. Frandsen, a 23 year-old second basemen, is considered the teams top infield prospect. He shot through the system last season starting in Singe A and ending it as the starting 2nd basemen for AAA Fresno. There is a solid chance he could be Durham's main back-up next season, and that means he should see plenty of time. There is little doubt Accardo will be on he roster opening day. The kid showed a lot of upside in his 1st year and many in the organization feel he could close some day soon. Burres, Ortmier and Knoedler are likely to start the year in Fresno, but as Knodler and Ortmier showed in September, they could be the first guys to be called up.

The NLCS is starting to get interesting. Albert Pujols did some legendary work in game 5. Great players play great in big games and Pujols showed it. I still like the Astros' chances even though it's headed back to Busch. You can't throw out 2 tougher right-handers in the game then they are set to do over the next 2 games. I can't see the Cards getting them twice. I'm also rooting for Houston now. Right-fielder Jason Lane went to the same high school as me and I think that would be cool if an old school alum won a world series ring. Either way this world series should keep us a lot more entertained then last years. Talk about a steam-rolling, the Cards were hopeless in the fall classic last year. Just as long as A.J. Pierzynski isn't celebrating when it's all said and done. I can't stand seeing this guy get praised for the heads-up play he made. This guy would rather play cards in the clubhouse then go over an opposing batting order, that tells you where his heads at.
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