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Monday, November 07, 2005

Sabean Should be Re-Evaluated: Solid Play Early For the Warriors

Theo Epstien recently resigned as the General Manager of the Boston Red Sox due to complications with team owner Larry Luccino. Giants fans may remember a few years back when Brian Sabean's name was mentioned in regards to the Red Sox GM position. Sabean is a native of New England and he's said before that he wouldn't mind going back east. At the same time, he's still under contract with the Giants and as far as I've heard, Boston hasn't contacted the San Francisco Giants regarding Sabean. I like what Sabean has done with this club throughout his tenure here up to a point, but I think it may be time to move in a different direction. Sabean tends to try and build his team with veteran players who have had success, but have their best years behind them. This is understandable to an extent because they have Barry Bonds and want to win now, but ever since the Kenny Lofton trade in '02, the guy has tryed to put a cast of over-the-hill veterans around Barry. Yes they have been competetitive for the last decade or so, but who gets rings, or hangs banner's just for being competetive? I don't really know if Brian Sabean is that GM that is going to bring us the tools for a championship. Maybe the Giants should think about his style and realize that with Barry on his way out, this team needs to start going after young players on the up rather then the Vizquels and Alou's who are on their way out. As of right now our avgerage age of our position players is over 35. Randy Winn, at the moment, is our youngest everyday player and he's 31. Overall, my 2 biggest pet peaves with Sabean is his willingness to give out multi-year deals to 35+ year olds, and his over-estimation of their durabilty/ability.

23 year-old second basemen Kevin Frandsen (above) is on the fast track to the big leagues as he hit over .350 in 20 games at Fresno last season and is now tearing up the Arizona Fall League. With the brittle Ray Durham under contract for 1 more year, Frandsen should get a solid oppurtuinity to establish himself next season as the successor to Durham.

The baseball off-season has yet to get started, and with the Niners and Raiders a mess right now, the hot topic in the Bay Area is the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors are off to a nice 2-1 start and have showed shades of brilliance. Baron Davis has had a slight run in with his hamstring, but only missed a game and then returned to practically single handedly beat the New York Knicks at the Garden. The Warriors were down 5 with about 8 minutes to play with Davis on the bench. Davis then returns for the remainder and the Warriors run away with it. It's not only the talent that Davis brings to the court when he's out there, it's also the confidence he instills in the other players on the floor. Him and Jason Richardson are both excelling together and I wouldn't be at all surprised to see both representing the Western Conference in the All-Star game. I can't wait untill Ike Diogu gets going. Micheal Pietrus also is becoming a major factor as he scored 20 points in 20 minutes off the bench vs. Utah.
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