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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Giants Off-Season Update

It's Christmas and so far, the two most impressive things Sabean has done this offseason have been adding a solid free agent starter in Matt Morris and also getting rid of the enigma, Edgardo Alfonzo. Sabean's additions this offseason so far have been: Matt Morris, Mark Sweeney, Tim Worrell, Steve Kline, Jose Vizcaino and Steve Finley. The Giants have lost: Brett Tomko, Edgrado Alfonzo, J.T. Snow and LaTroy Hawkins. So far, I'd have to say the Giants have upgraded, although I'm not to high on Sabeans intrest in the players born in the 60's. He has had a fixation for Finley for years. Finley turned the Giants down in a contract offer, and vetoed a trade from the D-Backs to the Giants in '04 saying "the Giants weren't headed in the right direction." I think Finley will be a fine 4th outfielder getting close to 400 ab's. I expect him to surely rebound from last season. This guy is just 2 years removed from his career season when he hit 36 jacks, and yes he's going to be 40, but he seemed like he was just getting better untill last season. Now there are other outfielders on the market I would have surley taken over Finley, but the fact is, Alfonzo is gone and Finley will help a lot more than Fonzie did. He's going to look a lot better as the Giants 4th oufielder than Todd Linden or Jason Ellison. I kind of understand the signing of Vizcaino, he's a veteran back-up with postseason experience and can play all around the infield, but again, there are other infielders out there who are younger, probably more productive, and cheaper. I think Worrell will be a nice addition and he'll get his era back under 4 at SBC Park. He'll be better for us than Hawkins was. Kline is a slight downgrade from Eyre, but he was the best lefty reliever (non-closer) in the game in '04. Another guy who struggled a little in changing leagues. Morris, of course will hopefully be a solid #2. I would have rather had Weaver for about the same salary, but Morris is now over a year removed from surgery and I think he could really break back out this season. He was dominant in the 1st half of last season. The

Giants have been in talks with Shawn Estes and Todd Greene as they are looking for a 5ht starter and back-up to catcher Mike Matheny. I think both would be decent additions. Greene would be more offense off the bench, and Estes would give us a 5th starter capable of winning 15 games. Estes would also give the Giants depth so they don't have Kevin Corriea as the emergency 6th starter. Wade Miller was non-tendered by the Red Sox and the 28 year-old may be worth and incentive based deal. He'll likely miss the first few weeks of '06, but if he comes back healthy, that guy is a legit starter with ace's stuff. Toney Armas Jr. is another guy who has been injured who may be worth a 1-year deal. Sabes seem's set on Lance Niekro at first to start the year, but I think there may be something else in the plans there, just a hunch. As I said, as of now, I like what Sabean is doing although I'd prefer some younger faces. I still think there is work to be done.
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