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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Wright wins 5th Starters Job

It's been a while since I posted strictly about the Giants, partly because of my preview through the rest of baseball, and partly because there just hasn't been a whole lot of news out of Scottsdale. Barry Bonds is on fire, batting close to .700 with 4 jacks and a handfull of RBI's. He has had a little setback with an inflamed elbow, but the Giants don't believe it to be serious and he should be ready to roll April 3rd in San Diego when the curtin unveils on the '06 MLB season. Also, Jamey Wright has beaten out Kevin Corriea and Brad Hennessey to win the 5th starters job. Wright has allowed only 2 earned runs in 14+ innings and the 31 year-old has earned his way onto the staff, which is the way it should have been. People feared that Wright would be granted a roster spot over a younger, better player due to his experience, but so far this spring, he has showed that maybe things can be different for him outside of Coors Field. As i've said before, he can be no worse than Brett Tomko, and he was the Giants #2 last season. If Wright can stay healthy and effective all year, I can easily see him winning 13+ games with an era below 4.50, and that would be more than exceptable from the 5th guy. Todd Greene has also been named to the opening day roster, which was really no surprise. Elizeir Alfonzo has outhit Greene this spring, but Greene has the experience that the Giants tout so much, plus he really is the only right-handed bat off the bench that can change a game with one swing of the bat.

The Giants roster is starting to shape up the way I thought it would. There is still a small race for the final bullpen spot. So far Armondo Benitez, Tim Worrell, Steve Kline, Tyler Walker, Jeff Fassero and Scott Munter have assured themselves spots, leaving one spot left if the Giants choose to go with 12 pitchers out of the gate as expected. Jack Tacshner, Jeremy Accardo and Kevin Corriea are all duking it out for that final pitching spot. Corriea looks to have the inside track as Accardo is slated to close in Fresno to begin with and Taschner will probably join him because the Giants are already carrying two lefties. However, the Giants may not be done with roster moves before the season begins. Todd Linden has long expressed his desire to play at the major league level consistantly. With Jason Ellison recently beating him out to win the 5th outfield spot, rumors have been flying that Brian Sabean is looking for takers on Linden. The only name I've heard mentioned are the Angels who are in the search for a left-handed outfielder. Linden wouldn't likely bring much, but there is a chance another major league reliever could be out there and the Angels have a surplus of relievers. Kevin Gregg, Estaben Yan or Brendan Donelly would all immensly help out the Giants Pen, but I would look for Linden to bring no more than a low-level prospect.
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