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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

4 game Losing Streak, Back to .500

It's pretty obvious why the Giants aren't getting it done. Their offense has been obsolete over the last week and it really hasn't been good at all this season. The Giants rank no higher than 10th in the NL, in all major offensive categories. 10th in runs, 13th in home runs, 10th in RBI's, 12th in hits, last in SB's, and 14th in slugging percentage. The Giants' line-up is really starting to show their age. Only Omar Vizquel and Moises Alou are having what they'd consider a decent season, and Alou has missed 1/3 of it already. Barry Bonds is no longer the offensive catalyst that he once was and the Giants offense, which rely's so much on what he does, has suffered substantially because of it. I don't care what a guy has done over his career, or how many times he walks, if a teams clean-up hitter is hitting .240 with limited run production, that team likely doesn't have much of an offense. Unfortunetly, the Giants don't have too many open spot's where they could add a legit offensive contributor. Ray Durham and his .235 average are virtually untradeable which kills my dream of a possible Alfonso Soriano addition. How sweet would he be in the middle of that order with Bonds and Alou? First base seems like the most logical fit. Niether Niekro or Sweeney have had very good years, and Niekro can't stay healthy. The thing is, there just aren't many first baseman out there. One guy who's been mentioned on a few Giants' forum boards and would be an ideal fit would be Sean Casey. He is a guy who could give the Giants' a legit number 3 hitter and definetly solidify the middle of the order big time. I guarantee Casey could be had, but I don't know what the Pirates would want in return. I'm sure the it would cost at least a young starter (Brad Hennessey or Kevin Correia) and Lance Niekro, but I wouldn't trade away too much for a possible 1/2 year rental.

Finally an Alfonzo on the Giants who can actually produce! No, of couse it's not Edgardo, but Elizer Alfonzo has been a pleasant surprise filling in for the banged up Mike Matheny. Alfonzo already has 2 home runs and 5 RBI in 25 at bats, and the timing for both were very good. He hit a game leading home run late in the game in New York a few weeks back, and put the Giants on the board with a jack Tuesday night in Arizona which also brought the Giants within one run of the lead. Alfonzo has been in the minors since '96 and has surely paid his dues. Good to see a young offensive player come up and actually perform in the clutch. Jonathen Sanchez has been more than impressive out of the bullpen as well. I have mentioned his name here before, but that guy is really starting to stick out. It's amazing how calm and collected he and Jeremy Accardo (both 23) are when they are out there in tight situations. The Giants' brightest spot for their future is by far their bullpen.
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