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Monday, July 03, 2006

Matt Morris finally earning his money.

Up untill the begining of June, it looked like Matt Morris was in line to be another Brian Sabean free-agent bust. At the very begining of the year, I thought Morris was a sure bet to win at least 15 games. After the middle of May rolled around and Morris was 2-5 with an era in the low 6's, I started to think I had totally blown that prediction. However, Morris has strung together 4 consecutive wins, and has produced quality starts in each of his last 7 straight. He now sits at 7-7 with a 4.12 era and a 1.23 WHIP ratio. With Jamey Wright continuing to struggle and Matt Cain going through his up-and-down, first full big league season, Morris and Noah Lowry are needed for innings more than ever. Felipe Alou is going to have some decisions to make regarding his pitching staff. If Kevin Correia and Brad Hennessey keep throwing the way they are, and Wright doesn't regain his early season consistancy, we may see some musical chairs in the starting rotation. Brad Hennessy had one questionable relief appearance in Oakland in June, but other than that, the dude has been lights out. He has allowed only 6 earned runs in his last 29 innings and shut down the division leading Padres during his spot start over the weekend. I'd lean toward keeping Corriea in the pen where he seems to really be finding his niche, but Hennessey has proved he's ready for he ball every 5th day. The pressure is really going to start being put on Jamey Wright.

Looks like Jason Schmidt will be representing the Giants in Pittsburgh at this years mid-summer classic. There definetley wasn't a more deserving Giant on the squad. Omar Vizquel continues to amaze fans night in and night out and I'm sure he'll be pretty high on the all-star alternates list.It would be tough to argue against him being the teams MVP through the first half of the season. Not one particular statistical category jumps out at you when looking at Vizquel's numbers, but the guy does a ton of things that don't show up a box score. Another guy who may have a chance if a few guys bow out is Pedro Feliz. Longshot, but he has been on fire lately, especially late in games with clutch hits. Seems like every other night Feliz is giving the Giants the lead with a big swing of the bat with the latest coming Monday night in Colorodo. He still needs to get the on base percentage up, but Feliz is quietly on pace for a 30 hr, 115 RBI year. Some where wondering whether Barry Bonds should be selected just because of who he is. Now I'm as big a Barry Bonds fan as anyone, but a guy who is hitting .240 with 11 home runs and 35 RBI in July doesn't deserve to go to the all-star game, regardless of the name on the back of the jersey. I know he's still walking a bunch, but he's had some pretty good chances to do damage and he just hasn't really gotten it going. Now if Barry where hitting at least .280 with a little more run production, then you could cut him some slack, but he'll be the first to tell you that he doesn't deserve to be an all-star this year.
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