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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Road Woes Continue

Watching the Giants at AT&T Park is starting to get hard enough, but watching this team on the road is becoming impossible. They are 1-11 over their last 12 road games and now their season could be in jeapordy if they can't turn it around over the next week. They are now 6.5 games out of first place and falling faster and faster. By looking at the schedule and standings, it seems like getting back into this race is very doable, but if you've watched this team on consistant basis this season, you know it's going to be tougher than it looks. Their offense looked like it was ready to heat up at the begining of the week, but they have been stone cold since then. The teams defense is also starting to cause some concern as well. Ray Durham has already made two very costly errors in the first game and a half in LA and the outfield is looking slower and slower. Moises Alou and Steve Finley look like they're starting to lose interest in a hurry. You know things are getting ugly when teams' veteran players start making comments about blaming others for the teams woes. Armondo Benitez, Steve Finley and Matt Morris have all brushed off blame for the teams recent struggles in some way. The funny thing is, all of them have underachived this season and if you had to put the Giants failures on a couple guys in particular, Morris and Bentiez would have to be guys right at the top of that list.

Things look like they are just going to get tougher for the Giants. They haven't ever played well at Petco Park, and that's where they end the road trip. If they can somehow come out of LA with a win, which is looking less and less likely, they would still only be 5.5 games back. With a month and a half left, that is plenty of time to get right and string together some wins especially in a division as weak as the NL West. The only problem is, the Giants haven't had a winning streak longer than 5 games all season, and it's going to take a lot more then that just to get back to .500 this season, let alone getting back in the NL West race. They did make a positive move Friday when they named Brad Hennessey the new 5th starter as he will finally take over for Jamey Wright. I've been calling for this for about a month now and I'm glad Felipe Alou did it before September. Hennessey has been a stud this season in whatever role the Giants have asked him to fill and he definitely deserves to get the ball every 5th day. Jack Taschner is also back in the mix as he was recalled from Fresno on Friday. Brian Wilson is being sent back down to clear the spot for Taschner. Wilson has shown flashes of being solid, but is way to wild to contribute night in and night out. Taschner had been closing in Fresno and had been throwing the ball real well lately. Taschner and Mike Stanton are both pretty effective vs. right-handers as well so it shouldn't matter much that the Giants are now carrying four left-handers in the bullpen. Nothing has worked to well yet, so I have no objection with the mixing up of things.
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