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Friday, March 23, 2007

NL East Preview

1st Place, New York Mets

SS Jose Reyes
C Paul LoDuca
CF Carlos Beltran
3B David Wright
1B Carlos Delgado
LF Moises Alou
RF Shawn Green
2B Jose Valentin

LHP Tom Glavine
RHP Orlando Hernandez
RHP John Maine
LHP Oliver Perez
LHP Dave Williams
Closer: Billy Wagner

The Mets Lineup should be better this year if Moises Alou gives them 120+ games. Jose Reyes could break out and have a20 home run/ 80 stolen base season. There bullpen should be a strength as well, especially when Guillermo Mota returns from suspension, only question with them is their starting pitching. If they can hang in until Pedro Martinez returns in August, they should be OK. They will have some heat on them in the best division in the NL.

2nd Place, Philadelphia Phillies *NL Wild Card Winner
SS Jimmy Rollins
RF Shane Victorino
2B Chase Utely
1B Ryan Howard
LF Pat Burrell
3B Wes Helms
CF Aaron Rowand
C Rod Barajas

RHP Brett Myers
LHP Cole Hamells
RHP Freddy Garcia
LHP Jamie Moyer
RHP Adam Eaton/Jon Lieber
Closer: Tom Gordon

The Phillies have a good enough team to make a solid playoff run as is, but they can really make some noise this year if they can improve their bullpen by trading Jon Lieber. Their Lineup has two potential MVP candidates in Howard and Rollins, and some young staff leaders in Hamells and Myers. If Tom Gordon can stay healthy, they will challenge the Mets for first.

3rd Place, Atlanta Braves
2B Martin Produ
SS Edgar Renteria
3B Chipper Jones
CF Andruw Jones
C Brain McCann
RF Jeff Franceur
LF Ryan Langerhans
1B Craig Wilson

RHP John Smoltz
RHP Tim Hudson
LHP Mike Hampton
LHP Chuck James
RHP Kyle Davies
Closer: Bob Wickman

The Braves upgraded their biggest weakness from last year, their bullpen. Rafeal Soriano and Mike Gonzalez make thier bullpen a strength but it costed them. They may have payed a little too much attention there. The loss of Adam LaRoche and Marcus Giles are going to hurt this offense. Their starting rotation is getting old and has injury issues.

4th Place, Florida Marlins
SS Hanley Ramirez
2B Dan Ugla
3B Miguel Cabrera
1B Mike Jacobs
LF Josh Willingham
RF Jeremy Hermedia
C Miguel Olivo
CF Alex Sanchez

LHP Dontrel Willis
LHP Scott Olson
RHP Annibal Sanchez
RHP Josh Johnson
RHP Ricky Nolasco/Sergio Mitre
Closer:Tayler Tankersly

If the Marlins had a legit bullpen and closer, they'd easily go right above the Braves and maybe even the Phillies. I love their young lineup and starting pitching. They have proved time and time again that they can win with young talent. Dontrel Willis will rebound and have an all-star season. If they were in the NL West or Central, they'd battle for the division tittle.

5th Place, Washington Nationals
2B Felipe Lopez

SS Christian Guzman
3B Ryan Zimmerman
1B Nick Johnson
RF Austin Kearns
C Brian Schnieder
LF Ryan Church
CF Nook Logan/Alex Escobar

RHP John Patterson
RHP Jerome Williams
RHP Tim Redding
RHP Jon Hanarahan
RHP Shawn Hill
Closer: Chad Cordero

Ryan Zimmerman is a rising star, but outside of that, the Nats don't have much going for them. Their starting rotation is still very much in the air. The only guaranteed starter on the team is John Patterson. Their bullpen lead by Chad Cordero is their one and only semi- strength.
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    I agree with most of this, but the Cubs aint finishing before the Brewers.


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