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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bonds Stays Hot, Giants Stay Cold

Barry Bonds continued his hot streak on Wednesday night, belting career home run number 759. It was Bonds' 5th home run in his last 9 games and his 25th on the season. At this pace, it's very possible that Bonds could reach the 800 home run plateau before he decides to retire, which he has stated would likely be after the 2008 season. There is still about 6 weeks left in the season and ending the season with 770 or more home runs is looking more and more likely by the day. However, Bonds' hot streak has not translated into Giants wins, and the team has looked terrible since Bonds broke the record 10 days ago. The Giants are 2-8 since the historic blast and they have fallen to a season low 20 games below .500. It's almost like their going through a post-Bonds hangover. They played their best ball in a while when ESPN was airing every game due to the Bonds chase, but since the spotlight has left the team, they have gone back to the lackluster, tired old squad that they have been for most of the first 4 months of the season.

It's not all bad news around Giants land though. The team did agree to deals with 2 of their first round picks just beating Wednesdays' deadline. The teams top pick, left-handed starter Madison Bumgarner, received the 2.3 million dollar signing bonus that he was asking for to keep him from attending the University of North Carolina. The teams 3rd pick, outfielder Wendall Fairly, signed for around a 1 million dollar bonus. Fairly would have attended Southern Mississippi State if the deal had fallen through with the Giants. Both the players will join the rest of the Giants 2007 draft class for the Instructional League which starts in mid-September. I will be following that league closely and keeping you updated on how these kids are doing.
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  • At 7:10 PM, Anonymous Christof said…

    Who in their right mind will sign bonds to a contract next season. The guy cannot field nor run any longer. Hence, he is done in the National League.

    Sure, an American League team could offer him a role as a DH. But the price would not justify doing so. Bonds will not sell any tickets next year. The record has been broken. It now has become just an aging, over the hill player who needs to hang up the spikes.

  • At 7:23 PM, Anonymous Silencer76 said…

    I agree 100%. Bonds's marketability dropped like a stone as soon as he hit 756 off Bacsik. No one cares anymore. For that matter, no one cares about the Giants. The team is in shambles, they have little to no talent in the system that is ready to play in the bigs, and they are laced with veterans well past their prime.

    The Giants will be relevant again...in 2011.

  • At 7:39 PM, Anonymous Kelsdad said…

    Agree. Bonds has said he wants to play in 2008 so he can chase 800 homers and 3000 hits, but, unfortunately for him, the choice won't be his to make.

    Like Sammy in Texas. Sign a minor league contract for next to nothing, sell a few season tickets, then get benched for some Double A first baseman.

  • At 8:01 PM, Blogger Trevor said…

    I don't know who is going to offer Bonds a contract because as you said Christof, he's going to be asking for big money still, certainly 12+ million for the year. My best guess would be the Angels as they have the money and a need for a bat behind Vlad. I doubt he'll be back in San Francisco as it's time for the Giants to move in a different direction.

    I don't know what you guys are thinking by saying he won't draw crowds next year. Even the people who hate him still want to see him hit. Plus it's going to be his farewell season. I guarantee he will be marketable next year.

    Comparing Bonds to Sosa is comical, but I know your just joking Kelsdad. And I have never seen a guy on pace for 35+ home runs get bashed about his play so much. He's hit 5 jacks in his last 9 games during which he's had about 15 official at bats. How is he finished? You guys are treating baseball like it's a popularity contest. Sure he doesn't cover the ground in the outfield like he used to, but he is still manageable on the base paths when need be, believe me, I watch the team everyday. Not judging him as a person, but as a player, he still puts on a show.

  • At 8:40 PM, Anonymous Manny Stiles said…

    After the Gary Mathews fiasco, the Angels aren't signing anyone. It's the A's (Bonds get OBP thta Beane likes) or it's Barry Bonds - New York Yankee

  • At 11:39 PM, Anonymous Hit By a Pitch said…

    I hate Barry Bonds more than I hate anyone in sports, and I don't want to see him hit, ever. I'd like to see him BE hit -- by a pitch, a bat, or a car -- or just punched in the face, even. I'll admit that I had way too much fun heckling him and almost getting kicked out of Coors Field, but I will never, ever pay money to see his inflated, cheating ass again.

    (Sorry, thinking about sports jerks has me riled up, apparently.)

  • At 11:49 PM, Anonymous Kelsdad said…

    Hey Manny, want to bet your entire net worth Bonds isnt a yankee next year?

  • At 1:55 PM, Blogger Trevor said…

    Gary Mathews has nothing to do with Barry Bonds and would make no difference in Bonds going to the Angels. Arte Moreno isn't afraid to spend and loves to make big time moves. I would not put pursuing Bonds in past him. I highly doubt the Yankees would get in the mix. The A's would make a little bit of sense, but I doubt they'd give Barry 13+ million dollars to DH for a year.


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