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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Rest Lowry and Lincecum

The Giants have to keep Noah Lowry on the shelf for the rest of the year. It makes no sense at all to let him make another start with his elbow not at 100% and the Giants playing for nothing but pride. It's too bad for Lowry because he was on pace for a 17+ win season, but it's a lot more important to have him healthy for 2008 than stretch him out in a meaningless 2007 season. I also think they should do the same thing with Tim Lincecum as his velocity has plummeted in recent starts, an indicator that he's getting tired. During his latest start in Colorado, he was being clocked around 88-89 mph which is a huge drop off from the 97-98 he was throwing just a few weeks ago. A drop like that in velocity usually means injury or tired arm and in Lincecum's case it's a tired arm. Resting Lowry and Lincecum for the last 3 weeks of the year would also give the Giants an opportunity to asses some of the other younger pitchers in their system. They are going to have to fill at least one spot in the rotation next year and it's time to start holding auditions.

Leading the audition at this point for the 2008 5th starters job is Kevin Correia. Correia won his 3rd straight start on Wednesday with help from Barry Bonds' 762nd career home run and more good relief pitching from Brian Wilson and Brad Hennessey. More importantly, the win ended the Giants 4 game losing streak. Correia has all of the sudden become the Giants stopper after being inserted into the rotation to take over for the Lowry 2 weeks back and has looked very comfortable moving back into the starting role. Corriea was brought up as a starter and used in that role until 2005 before being moved to the bullpen. Wednesday's start was his best yet; he didn't walk anyone and shut down one of the best offenses in the league in the most offensive ballparks in the league. He has always had pretty good stuff, and I thought he was going to become one of the Giants better relief pitchers over time, but he clearly has the capability to hold a rotation spot.
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  • At 6:26 PM, Anonymous Gav76 said…

    A less than 100% Lowry should rest at this point. The rookie Lincecum should stay in and tough out the rest of this season as long as he's healthy.

  • At 8:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    No way Gav, they can't take any chances with Lincecum. He's their future.


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