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Friday, October 12, 2007

Let the Speculation Begin

According to the St. Paul Pioneer Press (Minnesota), the Giants are one of the three most likely destinations for free agent center fielder Torii Hunter. Everything at this point is just speculation, but this seems to be right up Brian Sabean's alley as far as players he'd have interest in. I have mentioned a few times in recent posts that I would steer clear of Hunter for many reasons. His best asset is his ability to play center field and a top flight defensive center fielder is about the last thing the Giants need at this point. They already have depth at the position with Rajai Davis, who proved to very good center fielder himself, and Dave Roberts returning next season. If Hunter were an average defensive player, he'd be worth nowhere near the amount of money that he is going to get this winter. Yes, he's above average offensively, but I wouldn't say he's an offensive force by any means. A career .793 OPS isn't worth paying 17+ million dollars a year for, regardless of how good the defense is. Even though I wouldn't pursue him either, it would make more sense for the Giants to go after Andruw Jones.

The only reason I would go with Jones over Hunter is because of the power potential that Jones brings. The Giants greatest need right now is a guy who can produce runs. Jones has been one of the National Leagues most prolific power hitters over the last eight years and he's only 30. I'd be willing to bet that this years fall-off was a fluke and he will be back again next season with another 40 home run, 100 RBI season. That would be the kind of bat that would be worth spending money on. It would also be interesting to see what kind of numbers he could put up in a park like AT&T. He has played in one of the most pitcher friendly parks in baseball his whole career and while AT&T isn't a hitters paradise, right handed power hitters can succeed there and I could see Jones putting up huge numbers. Also, with his off-year this season, it's likely that his demands of 20 million a year will decrease, even with Scott Boras representing him. So if it came down to it, I'd have to take Jones over Hunter, but would rather shoot for Carl Crawford.
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  • At 5:19 PM, Anonymous JBill said…

    I want to see them stay away from Mike Lowell, another guy who fits the Sabean mold.

  • At 11:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Good read. I don't think either make sense for the Giants as well. It also seems like the Giants seem to do better in the trade market than they do in free agency.

  • At 3:03 PM, Anonymous Den07 said…

    What about this fukodome guy from Japan? I'm hearing he's going to be the next Ichiro.

  • At 3:53 PM, Blogger Joey said…

    The Giants need some young guys and must stop trying to patch holes with oldies.


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