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Friday, April 11, 2008

Giants Rebound

During the home stand, the Giants have not looked like the same team that started the year 1-5 on the road. Their starting pitching, as well as their bullpen, have been almost untouchable over the last 3 nights and they are finally starting to get some hits with runners in scoring position. Bengie Molina continues to carry the team offensively and is really becoming this teams' heart and soul. I still don't like Molina in the 4th spot in the lineup because he clogs the bases for the middle of the order, but he sure is producing like a cleanup hitter early on in the season. I also have to give a little credit to Bruce Bochy. I haven't said too many positive things about Bochy's managerial decisions since he came aboard last season, but I do like how he's starting mix up his lineup and isn't being tentative about benching the veterans. I like Rich Aurilia and Ray Durham, they seem like nice guys and would probably be fun to go out for a beer with, but these guys are no longer quality major league hitters and they are liabilities on defense. Dan Ortmeier had a huge confidence boaster with his game winning hit on Wednesday night and he should be in their on a daily basis until he proves that Rich Aurilia is clearly a better option at first, which I don't think will happen.

The Giants announced before Thursday nights game that Dave Roberts will most likely be heading under the knife to repair some damage in his left knee. If that is the case, Roberts would not be expected back until mid-season at the earliest which would mean a ton of at-bats for Freddie Lewis. I think this is almost a blessing in disguise for the Giants. You never want to see any player injured or in need of surgery, but with Roberts on the DL, it opens up a whole lot of at-bats for the Lewis and Eugenio Velez. Lewis had a very good game Thursday night with a couple of extra base hits and and two runs scored. I have said it before, if given consistent playing time over a long stretch, I really think Lewis could break out. Out of the youngsters on the roster, Lewis is the most polished with the bat and has the ability to be a 5-tool type player. I don't think he will ever be a big power guy, or even steal a ton of bases, but 15 home runs and 20+ steals with a respectable on base percentage and batting average would be awesome and I think he's capable of that right now. The question for Lewis since he arrived in the major leagues has been about his defense, but if the last couple of nights have been any indication, he looks like he may be turning the corner.
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  • At 2:03 PM, Anonymous Romiezzo said…

    I can definitely see the Giants doing better this season. They've got a lot of young talent now and seem to be getting used to not having Barry Bonds in their lineup anymore. It's great to see all of these players coming together and doing well, picking up wins. Molina is definitely coming up big in many situations. Lewis and Velez will be getting more at bats, like Trecole said, and their starting pitching is looking better than ever. I hope Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum actually get talked about outside San Francisco this year.

  • At 11:46 PM, Anonymous AA said…

    The Giants are ok, but Barry Zito sucks!

  • At 12:15 PM, Blogger Matty C. said…

    Like I've said before, having these young guys in the lineup is awesome. Get them some experience this year so in the future they can perform. I don't see why the Giants can't develop a team like some of the other teams do. It's proven to work. A's, Marlins, Dodgers minor league system, etc...


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