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Sunday, July 25, 2010

San Francisco Giants: Hottest Team in Baseball?

The second half of the Major League Baseball season is barely 2 weeks old, but since it started, there hasn't been a team hotter than the Giants in all of baseball.

Since the 3 day break, the Giants have gone 9-2, and lost those 2 games by a combined total of 3 runs. It's been the two rookies that have grabbed most of the headlines over the last two weeks, with Buster Posey extending his hitting streak to 18 games on Sunday, and Madison Bumgarner getting stronger with each outing at the big league level. Over that 18 game hitting streak, Posey's hitting .467 with 7 home run and 23 RBI and a 1.300 OPS. Talk about video game numbers! I don't really like making comparisons unless I really see something in a player, but I can't help but be reminded of a right-handed Joe Mauer with even a little more power, when looking at Posey. If Posey can somehow manage to get to the minimum plate appearance number in order to contend for the batting tittle, I'd put my money on him winning it. He's currently sitting at .371 with 178 at-bats and chances are that he will reach that minimum of 450 plate appearances (not sure on exact number needed) that he'd need in order to be eligible for the batting title. I'll tell you this much, he's the hottest hitter on one of the hottest teams in baseball and it's no surprise the Giants are 14-4 over that span. If he doesn't win Rookie of the Month for July, it would be a crime.

The other prominent Giants' rookie to really step up and claim his spot on the 25-man roster for good is Madison Bumgarner. The 20 year-old power lefty was a little bit of an afterthought in Giants fans minds after a sub-par spring and a slow start in the minor leagues, but he's come on strong and is throwing as well now than at any point in his professional career. MadBum won his 4th consecutive start on Saturday, shutting down the Diamondbacks in Arizona with 7 strong innings that included 7 strikeouts. The Giants have to be pleased with the way Bumgarner has responded after taking a couple of tough luck losses in his first 2 starts of the season. A lot of 20-year old's would have lost their confidence and probably let the situation get worse, then ultimately find themselves back in the minor leagues. Instead, Bumgarner stayed focused and positive and all the sudden he's 4-2 a month later. The success of Bumgarner cannot be overlooked, as it really has rounded out, or completed the Giants rotation. For years now the Giants have kept a 5th starter that was basically keeping the seat warm for Bumgarner, and finally, the Giants rotation is flying at full-force, and it's showing. Even with Buster Posey's emergence, and the solid output from Aubrey Huff, without Sandoval and Rowand hitting, the Giants lineup will not be a strength, so for them to be 13 games over .500 at this point is truly a tribute to their pitching staff.

Walking Wounded: The Giants did lose a couple of players to the 15-day DL this weekend. Eugenio Velez took a Pat Burrell line drive off the face in the dugout and even though he ended up OK considered what happened, the Giants will still shelve him for 2 weeks. He's being replaced by Ryan Rohlinger. Joe Martinez also was recalled a few days ago to replace Jeremy Affeldt who has a strained oblique and will miss 2 weeks as well.
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  • At 7:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm really glad of how everything is evolving in the team.
    One thing that somehow is worring me is that starters for one reason or another, are not getting much wins lately...so that means we have to hope the bullpen also stays hot.
    The second thing the worries me is that i can't explain why Sandoval is not hitting...

  • At 7:58 PM, Anonymous Lincecum Fan said…

    I think Sandoval is in his own head, maybe his trip to his homeland will clear him up a bit... Wonder if thats the reason why the Giants sent him home?

  • At 8:01 PM, Anonymous Carlos Melino said…

    Why do I keep reading that the Giants are going after Cantu???? All I can hope is that the reporters are mixing up their Marlins infielders, and the G's are actually interested in Danny Uggla or Gabe Sanchez instead of Cantu.

  • At 11:16 PM, Anonymous Jason Billingsley said…

    Another nice win tonight behind Matt Cain and good showing by the Giants lineup. Sabean has to make a trade to get just one more hitter in her. Get er done Sabes!


  • At 11:18 PM, Anonymous Jason Billingsley said…

    Last line there should read "get another in here" not her... still a little buzzed from the brewski's at the yard!



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