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Monday, November 15, 2010

Buster Wins Rookie of the Year

The 2010 Giants got another reason to celebrate Monday, as their rookie catcher Buster Posey officially won National League Rookie of the Year.

Posey's biggest challenger was Atlanta's Jayson Heyward, but Posey managed to edge him out. The advantage Heyward had going for him was that he played with the Braves all year long and was on the opening day roster, whereas Posey didn't arrive in San Francisco until the end of May. Still, Posey was a more valuable player in 2010 than Heyward, even with that considered. Heyward had a nice season, hitting .277 with 18 homers and 77 RBI supported by a solid .849 OPS in 142 ballgames. Posey hit .305 with 18 homers and 67 RBI to go along with a .869 OPS in his 108 games, so even in the lesser amount of games, Posey and Heyward's numbers are nearly identical, with the batting average being the one separator offensively. Heyward also had over double the amount of strikeouts than Posey as well. Defensively, obviously, you have to give the nod to Buster as well, as he play's the most demanding position in baseball, and did it beautifully in 2010 (kid probably has a gold glove in his future). Heyward is a nice defensive outfielder as well, but plays right field, the least demanding position on the field. Not to take anything away form Heyward whatsoever, he had a great year and is going to be a great ballplayer. However, Posey deserved the award in every facet this year, so you cannot argue against that, and I'd bet Bobby Cox even tell you the same thing.

This award comes right on the heels of Brain Sabean winning Baseball's Executive of the Year award too, so November just keeps getting better and better for the Giants. Bruce Bochy should be right in the thick of things as NL Manager of the Year as well (he'd win it hands down if postseason were counted). With the World Series Championship, and all these accolades coming the Giants way, the Giants become somewhat of a mainstream team, or as much of one as a West Coast team can be. For once, the Giants are the best team in baseball, and with their relaxed clubhouse atmosphere and an easy manager to play for, the rigorous hitting environment of AT&T Park may not be so bad. Heck, Aubrey Huff's 26 home run year should ease the minds of any potential left-handed hitters who may be on their way here... Regardless, San Francisco is the place to be for a ballplayer right now, hitter or pitcher! It's just a shame that there are only a few free agents out there this year that I'd consider multi-year deal worthy and one of them (Carl Crawford) just won't be an option.
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  • At 10:57 PM, Anonymous #1 Bochy Fan said…

    Boch is such a cool guy... No offense to anyone, but Felipe Alou seemed like a jack@$% to me.. brushed my kids off for autographs on more than 1 occasion, although they did finally get him on a good day. And it seems like he had a lot of communication issues with the players and didn't really ever get on the same level as them.

    Bochy just lets them play and tells them like it is... Never played for either so I don't know first hand, but it just seems like Boch keeps the players more relaxed and that in the end keeps them more focused. Not saying Alou isn't a great baseball man and extremely smart. Just from a diff. generation, and Boch is perfect for this mix of youth and vets.

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