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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

GBB's All-Star Selections, Giants Notes

The AL and NL All-Star rosters for July 12th's mid-summer classic were released Sunday, and as usual, there were many snubs and guys left off that were absolutely deserving while guys who weren't as deserving managed to sneak onto the teams. So here is the way we'd fill out each team's 32-man roster, including 6 replacement options for each team (3 position/3 pitchers):

American League All-Star Team

CF Jacoby Elsburry Bos
LF Curtis Granderson NYY
1B Adrian Gonzalez Bos
RF Jose Bautista Tor
3B Alex Rodriguez NYY
SS Asdrubal Cabrera Cle
2B Robinson Cano NYY
C Alex Avila Det
P Jered Weaver LAA


1B Miguel Cabrera Det
1B Paul Konerko Chi
3B Adrian Beltre Tex
3B/OF Alex Gordon KC
OF Adam Jones Bal
SS Johnny Peralta Det
OF BJ Upton TB
OF Adam Lind Tor
IF Michael Young Tex
C Victor Martinez Det
C/1B Carlos Santana Cle

SP Justin Verlander Det
SP James Shields TB
SP Michael Pineda Sea
SP Gio Gonzalez Oak
SP C.C. Sabathia NYY
SP Scott Baker Min
SP Felix Hernandez Sea
SP Dan Haren LAA
RP Kyle Farnsworth TB
RP Mariano Rivera NYY
RP Sergio Santos CWS
RP Chris Perez Cle


OF Melky Cabrera KC
1B Mark Teixeira NYY
SS Elvis Andrus Tex
SP Alexi Ogando Tex
SP Phil Humber CWS
SP C.J. Wilson Tex

This wasn't a very easy roster to pick, as there are a lot of guys who have had deserving years like Dustin Pedroia, Brennan Boesch and Mark Teixiera who wouldn't make my squad, but every year you have a few of those type of players. What I think is a crying shame is that Derek Jeter is the voted starting SS for the AL while J.J. Hardy doesn't even make the team... Jose Bautista is the top vote getter, and rightfully so, he's been the best in the game over the last year and a half... The AL is stocked with power hitters and strong starting pitching and should take this years game if they play like they can. Ideally, Scott Baker is replaced with someone more deserving, but Minnesotta has to have a rep and he's the most deserving.

National League All-Star Team

SS Jose Reyes NYM
2B Rickie Weeks Mil
CF Matt Kemp LAD
1B Prince Fielder Mil
LF Ryan Braun Mil
RF Lance Berkman Stl
C Brian McCann Atl
3B Aramis Ramirez ChC
P Jair Jurrjens Atl


1B Ryan Howard Phi
1B Joey Votto Cin
OF Carlos Gonzalez Col
OF Hunter Pence Hou
SS Troy Tulowitzki Col
OF Justin Upton AZ
OF Mike Stanton Fla
2B Danny Espinosa Was
3B Pablo Sandoval SF
C Miguel Montero AZ
C Jonathon Lucroy Mil


SP Cole Hamels Phi
SP Roy Halladay Phi
SP Tim Lincecum SF
SP Cliff Lee Phi
SP Tommy Hanson Atl
SP Matt Cain SF
SP Clayton Kershaw LAD
SP Ryan Vogelsong SF
RP Craig Kimbrel Atl
RP Joel Hanrahan Pit
RP Heath Bell SD
RP Brian Wilson SF


SS Starlin Castro ChC
OF Andrew McCutchen Pit
1B/OF Michael Morse Was
SP Johnny Cueto Cin
SP Jeff Karstens/Kevin Corriea Pit
RP Drew Storen Was

In the NL, you have to take a Pitsburgh starting pitcher, they've been great, even with limited run support. Either Karstens or Corriea, but Hanrahan will likely get their spot... I take Lincecum not on what he's done over the last few weeks but what he's done for the Giants for the last year, Vogelsong and Cain are more than deserving. The NL's bench is pretty thin though with Daniel Murphy being the 2nd most deserving 3rd basemen (hence Pablo Sandoval as possible replacement). Even the guy with the best numbers there, Aramis Ramirez, wouldn't sniff the AL roster, though their top-7 hitters do match up well with the American League's. The NL looks slightly outmatched again this year in overall depth, though with better pitching and the starting lineups are evenly matched! Like with Baker in the AL, Mike Stanton should be replaced with McCutchen on my NL roster, but outside of Gaby Sanchez (roster already stocked with 1B'men), he's the man in Fla.


Giant Help on the Way: Finally, it looks like a couple of key Giants are making good progress on their rehabilitation assignments. Brandon Belt has accelerated his rehab assignment and is now in Fresno after 2 impressive games in San Jose. and should be ready to return when the Giants return from the all-star break. As long as he picks up where he left off, he'll give the Giants a valuable left-handed power bat in left field and another option to relieve Huff at first. Also on the amends is infielder Mike Fontenot, who should immediately grab stronghold of 2nd base when he comes back, though he's been less than stellar during his rehab in Fresno. Manny Burris could stick to play vs. lefties, as he's much stronger from the right-side. Either way, the Giants should be a much deeper, stronger team upon their return from the break, and that's an interesting prospect to think about seeing how well they've managed while using so many different 2nd basemen since Freddy Sanchez went down... That said, they may have another injury to deal with yet, as Cody Ross went down with a bum hamstring in yesterday's game. If he goes on the DL, Belt could be called up sooner than later and become the starting left fielder while Schierholtz mans right.
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  • At 1:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Jeter isn't even the best SS on the Yankees anymore, let alone the AL.. Speaking of which, since Jeter is married to the Yanks for another 3-4 years, I wonder if they'd move young Eduardo Nunez to SF. He's been nails in Jeter's absence, and probably has peak value. NY could use relief help, the Giants could give them J. Affeldt and R. Ramirez and move Jonathan Sanchez to the pen for the rest of the year.

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  • At 10:24 PM, Anonymous J-Bill said…

    I can't stand this team's offense! They need a leadoff hitter first and foremost, then a catcher, cause their 1st and 8th spot were brutal tonight. Miggy kept getting on in the 7th hole, only to have Whiteside make an out. Same with Torres who had many opportunities to knock in runs... Get me Reyes, or even another outfielder like Carlos Gomez, Jason Bourgous from Houston or Endy Chavez or even teh reborn Corey Paterson.. Someone who can get on and steal a base and create some action.

  • At 10:27 PM, Anonymous J-Bill said…

    For catchers, I'd take just about any other teams starter over Whiteside and Stewart, even many backups like Ronny Paulino or David Ross.

  • At 3:45 PM, Blogger Trevor Cole said…

    I think the Giants will at least make a deal or possibly 2. I think they want another bat, whether it be a 2nd basemen or outfielder, and I think they want another catcher, even if it's a slight upgrade like Pudge or a big one like Miggy Olivo.

    As far as the outfielder goes, my money would be on Michael Cuddyer, who's having a nice year for the Twinkies and is a FA after the year. He'd probably cost less than Beltran and is much more versatile (can play 2nd base) and has just as good of numbers. He would essentially kill two birds with one stone giving them an option at 2nd and RF while hitting in the middle of the lineup and that would be a nice weapon for Bochy to have.

  • At 7:19 PM, Anonymous Sean Artsworth said…

    I think we need a catcher really bad. Miguel Olivo would be sweet. He has power with 10 home runs and 45 RBI with Seattle, and could hit 6th or 7th and he's done a great job with Seattle's staff, so he can catch. I wonder what the Mariners would want for him? Probably not much since there wouldn't be a market for him, just hopefully they fall out by July 31st. My backup choices would be Rod Barajas and Pudge.

    For 2nd base, I think you got it right with someone like Keppinger or Adam Kennedy would be nice renta-players for 1/2 a year and better than Burris and Fontenot.

  • At 8:16 PM, Blogger Trevor Cole said…

    Whatever bat that can help that can be obtained without parting with Wheeler, Gary Brown, Brandon Belt or Jonathon Sanchez would be ideal...

    Only way I think about dealing one of them is if it's for a Hunter Pence-type that will stay for a while. If the Giants deal Wheeler for Jose Reyes or Carlos Beltran and they walk, I'd scream!

  • At 8:34 PM, Anonymous Sean said…

    Schierholtz is already having a career year and it's not even the All Star break yet! He needs to be an everydayer. Move Cody to LF when he comes back. I'm now confident in Nate!

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