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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Beltran, Giants Get D-Backs in Game 1

Those who were waiting for Carlos Beltran to come alive in a Giants uniform can wait no longer. The highly-anticipated outfielder had his best day as a Giant and just seems to be getting better after a 4 for 4 day with a homer and 3 RBI.

Carlos was just a double shy of the cycle and lifted the Giants offense in perhaps the most crucial game of their season to date. What's even better news to take out of it, was that he tore it up hitting right-handed, which was supposed to be giving him problems with the right wrist/hand. They lose that game one vs. the D-Backs and they're all the sudden 6 back with no momentum on their side, but Matt Cain would not allow it. Not only did Beltran tear the cover off the ball, but Cody Ross had the game he's been looking for, really since the all-star break ended. He had a homer and a double going 2-2 in the leadoff spot and getting on base 3 times. Perhaps the best performance of all though cannot be overlooked, and that was the effort Cain put up in a virtual do-or-die game for the Giants. Sure, if they lose, the season isn't over, but it sure would have felt like it. So Cain stepped up, going 8 innings of 5-hit ball, allowing 2 runs and a few walks but getting out of trouble like he normally does when he let's runners on. Santiago Cassilla,who by the way now sports a 1.32 era, shut the door in the 9th in a non-save situation, but did so in impressive fashion fanning 2 D-Backs. Overall, the Giants finally played Friday how Sabean and Neukom were anticipating them to play after they got Beltran (13-35, 2 HR, 5 RBI in last 8 games) and Keppinger (.297/2/as a Giant) to aid the offense.

What's going to be interesting to me over the last few weeks of the season is how the Giants go about the closers role. Obviously Brian Wilson's shoulder inflammation is a bit of mystery cause nobodies saying much about it, but actions speak for themselves, and he isn't throwing, so that's not a good sign. It just goes right along with the tough injuries the Giants have faced this season, but I think the Giants should be able to overcome this and allow him to ease back should they win the West and play in October. I have no problem with Sergio Romo or Cassilla or Javier Lopez shutting the door in the 9th right now and I believe all 3 can get the job done. Right now, it looks like it will be Romo as the main guy, which would be my 1st choice too after the year he's had and his familiarity with late-innings. Not to mention, I've heard more than a few players say he's got the nastiest stuff in that Giants pen, including Wilson. People are panicking that the rockstar closer is out and probably for the year, but if there was one spot the Giants could afford and injury, it was the bullpen because of the quality they have there. And while the Giants did lose one clubhouse leader to the DL, they got another one back in Pat Burrell, who was in the lineup Friday and was on base 2 times. I wouldn't mind seeing Burrell and Belt in a flat platoon in left the rest of the way (leaving Schierholtz in his familiar 4th OF role).

September Call-Ups: It's that time , the Giants made a few of their September call-ups yesterday, adding IF's Manny Burris, Brandon Crawford and Connor Gillaspie as well as outfielder Darren Ford. Hector Sanchez and Eric Surkamp, the Giants new young 5th starter, will be back with the team in a few days once their 10-day mandatory option runs out. I'd also expect to see a few more relievers added to the bunch as well as Nate Schierholtz when he comes off the DL next week.... And speaking of minor leaguers and names of the past. Former Giants' top-prospect, first basemen Angel Villalona, is reportedly eligible to re-join the organization this fall after clearing murder charges in his home country. Villalona is still just 21 years-old and was a top-5 prospect in 2008, so it should be very interesting to see where he lands in the Giants farm system, or if they even accept him back (I'm sure they will after spending $2 million to sign him in '06).
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  • At 12:42 PM, Anonymous EZ Eddy said…

    Great to see Beltran finally hitting in a Giants uni. He actually looks good at AT&T Park, hitting over .300 with both his hr's and 6 RBI's.

    Maybe he'll want to stay and give a home town discount!

    Seriously though, do you think the fact they released ROwand could mean Beltran cuold be back?

  • At 12:23 PM, Blogger Trevor Cole said…

    Giants likely fighting for the season in this one. Huge game today, hope to have something on it afterward so stay tuned!!!


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