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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Texas Should Get it Right 2nd Time

Last year, we all know, the Texas Rangers were no match for the potent San Francisco Giants pitching staff, but this time around, they face a starting rotation that isn't nearly as imposing.

I just wanted to get a quick World Series preview/prediction out of the way with the series starting tonight, not that I have any outstanding interest in it. I do think the Rangers are the better team and should win, but I also would have never picked St. Louis to make it out of round one with their pitching, so they have been surprising people all month long. It should be a high-scoring series and the Rangers have more ammo. Even with Albert Pujols destined in what could be his final year in the Red and White, I see Texas winning in 6. They were there last year and have looked good all postseason long and I just don't see the Cards knocking them off. I think the Brewers would have certainly been a better matchup because of their strong pitching, but if you like offense, you should be in for a treat over the next 2 weeks. One thing the Rangers will need to have happen though is C.J. Wilson step up and rebound in game one vs. Chris Carpentar. I give the slight edge, starting pitching wise, to St. Louis, so Wilson's starts have to be wins. The bullpen edge goes to Texas hands down. With Alexi Ogundo able to eat up 3-4 innings at a time, the Rangers only need their starters to get the ball into the 2nd half of the game for their lights out pen to take control.

Series MVP: Josh Hamilton (hits .500 in the series and carries Texas' offense)

*GBB NOTE: I have a new addition to the family scheduled to arrive this week and will be out of town, most likely, through the weekend. We probably won't get to Part 2 of our Season in Review until I get back, but be on the lookout for quick thoughts on the World Series games, or Giants tidbits that may arise over the weekend. More along the lines of today's post rather than our typical 1,000+ word article!
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  • At 5:23 PM, Anonymous Carl E. said…

    How can you go with the AL Team? St. Louis all the way baby! Albert Pujols carries the Cards and they win in 5! You heard it here first!

  • At 1:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Texas should blast them away. If they lose again, i'll be very surprised.

    I don't even care, it's too hard to watch without the Giants in there.

  • At 10:44 PM, Anonymous PLuda said…

    I predicted since the beginning that the only team that could stop the Rangers was the Giants, and they weren't even in the playoffs. The Rangers are solid throughout their whole team. People say their weakest link is starting pitching, but to me that's not even a weak link. Of course the Rangers' rotation doesn't compare to the Giants, but if you look at their starters numbers, they're good enough to get you a lead for the strong bullpen that they have. It's hard to root against a team when their lineup has players with 30+ home runs hitting in the bottom third of the lineup.

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