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Monday, April 02, 2012

Matt Cain Staying Put, Signs Five-Year Extension

Well, Giants fans that were starting to worry about Cain possibly bolting after the 2012 season get to breath a lot easier Monday afternoon, as the Giants and Matt Cain are reportedly closing in on a new 5 year/$110M extension that would keep Cainer in the Orange and Black through 2017.

If these numbers are correct, then I think the Giants have to consider themselves lucky they made out by only having to give up 110 mill over the 5 years. There were some suggesting he'd get at least $25M annually for 6 years if he hit the open market, so $22M for 5 years is definitely a lot more palatable. Now, the deal isn't even final yet, and I'm not sure on the specifics, but my guess is that the Giants have back-loaded the deal so Cain receives the majority of his money once the Zito contract comes off the books. Rowand's $12M comes off after this season, which will help, but it's Zito's $18M after 2013 that will really give this franchise some breathing room. Chances are all that money goes right back into their pitching though, as Timmy will be up again in 2 years, which is about the time Madison Bumgarner will start earning legit dollars. This is why I also believe it would be wise, if Bumgarner were open, to lock him up to a 5 year deal like the Royals just got Alex Gordon on. Give him $30M for 5 years, and buy him out of arbitration and a year of free agency, and get him now at half the price you'll be paying in 2-3 years. That's only if MadBum were open, he could be like Timmy and want to go year to year in arbitration to get the most dough.

Anyway, just to finish up on Cain, the fact that they did get the guy locked up, then it definitely validates Brian Sabean and the front office's philosophy of saving all their big money for their young players. Still though, Matty could again be looking at the same problems that have haunted him throughout his Giants career in 2012, as their offense has gone suspect here late in spring, after a surprisingly hot start. When you look up and down their stat sheet right now, the players that are really sticking out are guys like Blanco, Cabrera, Burris, Hector Sanchez and Brandon Belt. Now, there's whispers of possibly taking Pagan, a switch hitter, out of the lineup and putting Huff in left and Belt at first, adding more lefties to the mix. That's become the norm with Giants' lineups without Freddy Sanchez, as Buster Posey has become their only true right-handed threat in the lineup. It's a reason, again, why I would have looked into Cody Ross or Ryan Ludwick late when you could have gotten them for cheap, but now they could be looking at a real problem, especially in the outfield. They don't have a single "natural" right-handed hitting outfielder, and although Cabrera is efficient from that side, (a big reason why I think Sabean targeted him), he's still most comfortable as a lefty. They were discussing this on KNBR the other day and the possibility of the Giants adding another right-hander like they did Pat Burrell in 2010. Problem is, nobody of value is really out there right now, and it's so early that teams aren't ready to part with usable pieces quite yet. I just fear that left-handers are going to eat tear this lineup apart and it's a big reason why I hope both Brett Pill and Belt each make this roster.

Trade Proposal: Now, I was checking over different team reports today, and I saw that the Mets may be looking to platoon someone in LF with Jason Bay, and it got my mind going a bit. Both Bay and Zito are owed similar deals over the next two seasons, then are free agents. Zito is owed a little more money than Bay, but they're pretty even. With the Giants need for a right-handed bat, this may be an opportunity to find another diamond in the rough, so to speak. Bay needs out of NY, and thrived in ballpark in Pittsburgh build similarly to AT&T, only tougher on righties than lefties. I think throwing him into the outfield mix wouldn't be the worst idea out there, seeing the Giants sore need for a right-handed bat with the potential to be thumper. Problem is, the Giants have little in space of rotational depth and would need to get another starter on board if that were to happen. The Mets wanted Zito when he was free though, and you'd have to think a change of scenery for both may not be the worst thing.
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  • At 12:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Love the signing, now get Madison done and get another hitter or two and watch the tittles role in!

  • At 2:57 PM, Anonymous Steve said…

    That's a big deal, he better not go all Zito on them.

  • At 10:49 AM, Blogger Trevor Cole said…

    I don't get it, Giants fans were saying all spring "SIGN MATT CAIN".. Now they sign him, and everyone's complaining of the length and money he got? I don't get it?

    It's something they had to do. If he hit the open market, he would have made more than that, believe me. If they could have gotten him on 4 years and $65M of something like that like we all wished, they would have. Fact of the matter is, a pitcher like him hasn't come around on the market since Santana (under 30 and quite accomplished),
    so my guess is he would have gotten 6 YR/$150M from somebody. A 5 year-100M deal looks a lot better than having to compete in that neighborhood. Giants fans are intellegent and I'm surprised a lot aren't gripping this fact.

    Only worry I have is if he goes Johan Santana, after a career of steadiness to a career on the DL.

    But, the fact of the matter is, this is what a top notch pitcher will cost you these days, and put Cain on just about any other staff in the league and he's their ace, so he's earned it. And, for the last time, if they did want Cain long-term, this is the path they had to take. It was this, trade him, or let him walk. I admit, I pondered what he may bring back in a deal, but Cain belongs in O & B.

  • At 12:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dude, Melky Cabrera can hit! I just hope he carry's this over to the regular season. I liked the lineup Boch used Monday with Huff in LF, Melky in RF and Belt at 1B... I say open up with that lineup on Friday vs. Kennedy!

  • At 12:34 PM, Anonymous hitnrun said…

    I like the Cain deal a lot, it also sets a precedence for a Lincecum deal, which hopefully will come before he hits the open market. I also agree that Sabean will need to do another dumpster dive to try and find maybe a veteran right handed bat with pop. Hate to see the Giants get no hit by a Jeff Francis or Jamie Moyer because they have no right handed threats.

  • At 5:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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