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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Let the Offseason Begin

Fresh off their 2nd World Series tittle in 3 seasons, Brian Sabean has gotten right back to work and has already made multiple roster decisions regarding the 2013 team. After declaring that the Giants will be tendering Hunter Pence arbitration last week, the Giants have apparently agreed on a new three-year deal with Jeremy Affeldt.

The internet was buzzing Tuesday with news that the Giants and reliever Jeremy Affeldt were enclosing on a new three-year that would pay the lefty upwards of 18 million dollars during it's span. It's now become official, and that goes to show you the market for quality left-handed mid-relievers, cause that's a pretty large deal for one about to hit his mid-30's. Now, don't get me wrong, Affeldt has been huge for the Giants since he put on their uniform, but you hardly see relief pitchers that aren't closers or elite set-up men get three-plus years in a contract. That being said Affeldt is one of the best left-handed relievers in the game and has the unique ability to get both lefties and righties out. With this deal becoming official, it would appear the Giants will again be carrying three left-handers in their pen again next year and it would pretty much put a bow on things as far as the bullpen is concerned. They'll tender their arbitration guys like Romo, Casilla and Mijares, then have Javy Lopez and George Kontos both returning as well. Then there are guys like Jean Machi and Heath Hembree, amongst others, who could be in the mix next spring.

The big question mark is still Brian Wilson, but again, even if he's tendered, the Giants probably can't expect him to start the season. My guess is they'll look at some right-handed guys like Brett Myers and Francisco Rodriguez (though not sure they'd want him in their clubhouse) as options to improve on Guillermo Mota and help Casilla in the 7th and 8th (assuming Romo's closing). Even a guy like Jason Grilli, the former Giants' farmhand could be an option if Sabes is seeking another swing-and-miss rightie for late inning situations.

In other Giants news surfacing in recent days, they've also declared that both they and Marco Scutaro have had dialogue about returning next year and Sabean apparently feels quite optimistic about those chances. Scutaro was as key as any Giant down the stretch and in October, but he's a tricky subject because of his advanced age. With the way he played with San Francisco, he could be looking for something like a 2-3 year deal that pays him $7-8 million per year, and he may get that on the open market. I'd have no problem giving him 2 years in the $15 million, but not sure about paying Scutaro upwards of $8M in 2015 when he's approaching his 40th birthday. My guess is they'll definitely get something done with Marco, especially since managements gone on record with their optimism, I just hope they don't start overpaying everyone to ensure they get their 2012 team back in 2013. They made some mistakes to that effect after 2010, so hopefully Sabes is a little more savvy this time around. Not saying Scutaro shouldn't get paid, cause he should, just hoping Sabes doesn't go all Aubrey Huff with him or give Pagan an Aaron Rowand type deal.
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  • At 8:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sabean would be an idiot to give Pagan any more than 3 years. I like the thinking of Scutaro for 2/15M, and Pagan for 3/24M.

    I could live with those. Pagan had such a nice run in the 2nd half, but really wasn't that great in the playoffs. I think he's a lil overrated.

  • At 11:29 AM, Anonymous J-Bill said…

    After what T. Hunter just got, no way Pagan takes 2-3 year deal. Giants better sign Scutaro though cause there are literally no other second basemen available.

  • At 10:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Scutaro just got out of a 3 year 17M deal, but he is older. I think he gets about that. Maybe 2+ option. I'd give him 2 at 8M no problem. Who else do we got??? Manny Burris, Ryan Theriot? No thank you!

  • At 4:42 PM, Blogger Ryan Lee said…

    I agree with a lot in this. Scutaro 2/15 I definitely agree with. Pagan is a tough one and with Torri Hunter's new deal it just got tougher. Check out my blog.



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