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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Giants Set After Re-Signing Pagan, Scutaro

After wondering for weeks whether the team would be able to bring back either Marco Scutaro or Angel Pagan, Giants fans have to be pleased that both will be returning to San Francisco for 2013.

On back-to-back days, the Giants were able to re-sign their leadoff man and center fielder, then their number 2 guy and second basemen, pretty much wrapping up Brian Sabean's work in free agency. I have to say, I do like both deals, even though both were a year longer than I was hoping for. Pagan did get his four year deal that he was seeking, but the Giants were able to get him for roughly $10M per season, which doesn't look bad at all considering what Torii Hunter, Shane Victorino and B.J. Upton just got. Heading into this offseason, I thought the best deal for the Giants in terms of Pagan would have been a 3 year, $30 million deal with an option for a fourth. Based on that, I have to say this deal looks like a win for the Giants seeing that they only had to go an extra year. Plus, the options after Pagan in terms of leadoff hitting center fielders weren't that intriguing. The other top center fielder/leadoff man on the market, Michael Bourn, is said to be seeking a $100M deal, and if he even gets close to that number, that makes this deal look even better. Pagan has already shown that he is an ideal fit at AT&T Park, both offensively and defensively, so the Giants know what they'll be getting as opposed to signing a free agent from outside the club and hoping he'd fit in well here.

The same can be said for Marco Scutaro. The deal I was hoping for with Scutaro was a 2 year/$16M deal, which I would have been just fine with, so again, the fact that they did go one more year, but only had to go 3Yr./$20M looks pretty good. I mean, after hitting .362 in the second half and carrying that steadiness over into the postseason, Scutaro had no shortage of suitors, including the Yankees, so this is really another win-win for Sabean and his staff. Scutaro has proven his value to the Giants already, and the second base options after him were pretty scarce as well. Had they not been able to bring back the veteran, they'd have been looking at options like Kelly Johnson. Now they don't have to roll the dice on another free agent, as the signings of Scutaro and Pagan mean that every player from the 2012 World Champ's lineup will be returning in 2013, and Brian Sabean's work in free agency could be finished. I was hoping they'd take a look at some left field options to possibly improve offensively over Blanco, but even with all those deals that came off the books this winter, the Giants are nearing that $130 million payroll mark. According to Andrew Baggarly, the Giants were nearing a 2-year deal with Ryan Ludwick before inking Scutaro, now they don't have the money for him. Scott Hairston could be a realistic option though and is one of the more efficient right-handed power bats in the game.

So, barring some outfield bargain the Giants find later on this winter, it leaves only another bullpen arm on the Giants wish list, and Bruce Bochy is really hoping it's Brian Wilson. The Giants manager has reached out to the scorned closer, who was publicly displeased with the Giants after they failed to tender him at the end of November. When it comes down to it, Wilson may find San Fran as his best option after all. I highly doubt many other clubs will be offering him big money, he's not getting more than a 1 year deal anywhere, and at least he'd have a shot at regaining his role with the Giants. Sergio Romo did a great job as closer down the stretch last season, but Sabean and Bochy have both eluded to the fact that they have their concerns about him being able to hold up as closer over the course of a whole season. The one area where free agency is never thin is with relief pitching, so whether it's Willy, or another possible late inning option, I do expect Sabean to find another arm.
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  • At 3:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dude, if we could get Ludwick for left field, that would be great. That dude can rake the ball. I had to hold my breath everytime he came up when we played the Reds. Tough hitter, but probably not worth another 3 year contract.

  • At 10:18 PM, Anonymous Jason Billingsley said…

    Give me Cody Ross, B-Weezy and maybe a cheap utility guy and I'd be happy as a clam. I'm so excited to see Scutaro and Pagan and all those guys get their rings together as a team. Glad they figured out a way to bring everyone back. Just hope we get to see the bearded one do his thing with the G-Men once again.


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  • At 4:30 PM, Blogger agiantperspective said…

    I would love to see Bochy or Hembree compete for the bullpen spot. Bochy was incredible at Double-A before he got hurt, and Hembree could be our closer of the future, but I'm sure Sabean has something up his sleeve. Great read!

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