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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Romo, Ramirez Signings Should Wrap Offseason

With the Giants just a week away from getting back to work and officially starting work on their attempt at a 3rd tittle in 4 seasons, they have locked up all their arbitration eligibles and have just about reached their mandated $140 Million payroll.

The two big moves this week were the inking 2010 bullpen stalwart Ramon Ramirez and the signing of expected closer Sergio Romo to a 2-year deal that buys out his remaining arbitration eligibility. With Romo expected to slide into the closers role full time this season, and Guillermo Mota not re-signing, it left another mid-relief spot vacant which is where Ramirez could fit in assuming he throws well this spring. He's coming off rough year in New York in which his ERA shot up to the high-4's after carrying one in the low-2's throughout his year-and-a-half in San Francisco. The Giants are hoping a return to the thick cool air by the bay will result in a return to form for Ramirez, but again, he's coming in on a minor league deal and will have a lot to prove in Scottsdale. The one thing in his favor though, is he's the most experienced arm in that race for the 12th bullpen spot. I expect to see guys like Jean Machi, Brett Bochy and Heath Hembree also get some looks early in spring as the Giants try and size them up, but the job should be Ramirez's to lose.

So, after the two signings, the Giants team payroll is just about maxed out for their projected 2013 figure, but like they've made clear in the past, they may be willing to surpass that number a bit should they find the right fit. That being said, I'm extremely surprised that they didn't make a more serious run at Scott Hairston, a guy who I've mentioned numerous times here this winter and just signed a 2 year, $5M deal with the Cubs. I just felt Hairston was exactly what this team was lacking, a right-handed outfielder with big power in his bat that could sufficiently platoon with, or even replace Gregor Blanco. I mean, you give Hairston 400 at-bats in a season and he's going to put up some numbers for you. For a team that lacks players with the ability to hit the 3-run homer and create some runs when the offense is struggling, it seems like he would have been an ideal target, especially after seeing his price tag. Not that I don't like Blanco, but I think he gets overmatched vs. a lot of lefties at the plate and is still a question mark as an everyday corner outfielder.
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  • At 11:39 PM, Anonymous hitnrun said…

    I don't really understand why the Giants did not even pursue Hairston at all either, considering the offensive hole in left field. I like Blanco as a part time player there, but to hope that he and Torres are going to hit enough is a pipe dream. I still feel that the Giants were lucky to squeeze thru the playoffs and series with Blanco replacing Melky, a tribute to the offense supplied by Scutaro, Sandoval and Posey, but to expect a whole season of Blanco/Torres is short sighted. If they find out mid season that another bat is needed, won't it cost more to trade or sign a decent solution? Better and cheaper to sign one now and address an obvious weakness, and not wait around for injury or steroid use to take another player. Hopefully Ramirez still has something left, because I am not sure about the Gaudins, Proctors, Oteros, Machi etc. Guess that means no Brandon Lyon?

  • At 9:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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