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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Giants should look to Scherzer

Well, so far, it's been a tough offseason for the Giants as they've failed at retaining Pablo Sandoval and came up short in the bidding for the top left-hander on the marker, Jon Lester.

In fairness to them, money was not an issue in either case, as they outbid both the Red Sox and Cubs for Sandoval and Lester, but the two just chose to take a different course. In Pablo's case, he wanted the bright lights and the challenge of playing for an East Coast powerhouse. I'm not quite sure why Lester choose Chicago over San Francisco though, as he's from the North West (Washington) and the Giants were supposedly offering more money than the $155M over six years that he signed for. But, instead of pondering what could have been, the Giants better get busy with plan B, cause they still have a lot of work to do and I expect the Lester signing to kick-start the starting pitching market. The other top guy out there, and the guy I originally wanted over Lester, is Max Scherzer, but the Giants were clearly more impressed with Lester so I'm not sure how serious they'd get with Scherzer. I just could see the power right-hander thriving in spacious AT&T Park, much like he's done at Comerica the last few seasons. The only thing is the 2013 Cy Young winner is looking for a deal in the $200M neighborhood. If they could get him in the 6 year/$170M range though, I'd go for it.

After Scherzer, things drop off significantly in the starting pitching market. James Shields, Ervin Santana (who they're meeting with Wednesday) and Brandon McCarthy are the next three in line, and none of those guys, outside of maybe Shields, would be worth a big multi-year deal. I am much more intrigued with the potential starting pitching trade market, with guys like Cole Hamels and Jordan Zimmermann heading the group rumored to be available but both would require a big package likely led by top prospect Kyle Crick.

Now as far as the efforts to replace Sandoval at third base and Michael Morse in left field, the Giants don't seem close to getting anything done, or at least they aren't making it public. We've all heard the expected Chase Headley rumors, but with I doubt the Giants will get into a bidding war for him now that he's the top third basemen out there. As rough as it sounds, I could definitely see the Giants going into next season with Matt Duffy and Joaquin Arias sharing third and Gregor Blanco and Travis Ishikawa battling it out in Spring Training for the lion's share of at-bats in left field. I could see the Giants signing a right-handed platoon option like Chris Denorfia for left field and maybe and maybe a second-tier third base option like a Mark Reynolds, but I don't see anything too flashy happening position wise this offseason. I think the Giants will try and put their resources into re-making that starting rotation into a strength and powerhouse once again, and a Max Scherzer signing or Cole Hamels trade would certainly be a leap in that direction.

Melky Cabrera and Justin Upton have been the two significant names linked to San Francisco in their attempt to fill the left field void with Upton rumors heating up Wednesday. The Giants have apparently also inquired about Braves third basemen Chris Johnson and may offer Atlanta a big multi-player package in attempt to obtain the two. I would be ecstatic if that came to fruition just cause I think Upton is a star and perenial MVP candidate who's just about to hit his prime. Not a huge CJ fan, but he'd definitely be an upgrade to Joaquin Arias over there.

Notes: As expected, the Giants tendered Travis Ishikawa and Hector Sanchez deals for 2015. Ishikawa may very well be the opening day starting left fielder, but if the Giants find someone else, he'll be a flexible left-handed bat off the bench. Sanchez's role is a little more unclear, however. Andrew Sussac really showed that he's not only a capable backup, but could likely be a starter in this league right now, and has leaped Sanchez on the depth chart. One of those two could very well be used as trade bait this winter too...With day two of the Winter Meetings in the book, the Giants have two more days to get something done before all the GM's and agents depart from San Diego and go their separate ways. I expect the Giants to make some kind of noise soon though. If not before the end of the meetings, then soon after.
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  • At 1:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I would love it if we could sign a good pitcher like Santana or Scherzer and then trade for a third basemen. I can live with Blanco and Ishi in left as long as we have a good 3B and get another ace in the rotation.


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