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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Giants still searching for OF and rotation depth

With a little over a month now until pitchers and catchers file into Scottsdale, the Giants reported that Tim Hudson will undergo surgery to remove bone spurs from his right heel. He is expected to be out at least 8 weeks but the Giants are expecting him back in time to start the season.

Anyhow, it has sort of enhanced their search for rotation depth again. I mean with Huddy pushing 40 and the workload his small frame has endured the last 16 seasons, it's probably not a bad idea to look into adding some rotation depth. This guy was pitching for the A's when the Giants were still playing at Candlestick Park after all. Add that to the fact that Tim Lineceum couldn't get anybody out in the second half of last season and the Giants have major question marks surrounding at least 2 of their 5 starters heading into spring. They do have Yusmiero Petit as a fallback, but the Bochy prefers being able to use him in different roles and would rather not tie him into a rotation spot if they can avoid it (at least early on in the season). There were reports early on this week that the Giants had inquired about Dan Haren, who was just traded to Miami earlier this winter. Haren is coming off a decent year in LA and wouldn't be a bad option to replace Lincecum if Timmy struggles out of the gate as well. Ryan Vogelsong is also still dangling out there. I'll tell you one thing, with this news about Hudson and the Giants inability to get close with any other prominent free agent starter, it's sure making the return of Jake Peavy look better and better.

Now, as for their continuing search for a potential left fielder, I know I wasn't the only one that had to shake their head after the A's were able to land the guy many Giants fans were pinning for for. The A's picked up Ben Zobrist from Tampa Bay, along with Yunel Escobar, in exchange for 3 minor league players. Zobrist is hardly a superstar, but is a solid player that would have fit well with the Giants both in the clubhouse and in the middle of that batting order. I for one would have viewed an acquisition of Zobrist (granted the Giants didn't part with too much) as a potential savior in an otherwise bland offseason, and I wasn't the only one. Instead, the Giants are again left searching for a plan B, like they did at third base after missing Sandoval and like they did in the rotation after missing Lester. Last post, I mentioned Allen Craig as the other guy besides Zobrist as a reasonable bat to target in a trade, and now he's probably now taken over as the number one target I'd like to see them go after. Not far behind him would be Houston's Dexter Fowler who I think would be a tremendous fit in this yard both offensively and defensively almost like Melky was in '12.

At this point though, if they are unable to bring in an upgrade like Craig or Fowler, I'd be open to signing a guy like Nori Aoki and making Blanco strictly the 4th outfielder again and bringing some stability to the everyday lineup. He'd be an upgrade over Blanco and significantly so if he could re-discover his sneaky power that evaporated last season. He just does everything a little better than Gregor. Colby Rasmus is the kind of talent and situation I'd ideally like to roll the dice on a one-year deal with but I highly doubt  the Giants will take a chance on him with his reputation as a clubhouse cancer (although if there is a clubhouse that can change someone like that, it would be San Francisco's). Better yet, they could sign the combo of Aoki and Gomes and really add some depth out there, but in all likelihood the guy your going to be seeing the most of in left field this summer is Gregor Blanco.
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  • At 9:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The Giants are way better when Blanco is a backup. Remember the offense in the first half of the year? They have to get back to that. I'd be all for Fowler, Craig or any upgrade, even if it's a slight upgrade only.

  • At 1:34 PM, Anonymous KevinT said…

    I am the only one thinking the Giants are essentially taking 2015 off? They've lost two of their best hitters and done next to nothing to make up the losses. Their rotation is nothing but question marks -- even Bumgarner, who threw 270 innings last year! Not that I'm not eternally grateful for the trophies, but keep in mind that they barely made the playoffs and were maddeningly mediocre in producing runs during the season.


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