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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Giants still searching for clutch hits

Well, much like the issue in San Diego, the Giants were again unable to get any kind of scoring going against the Rockies number 4 starter.

The Giants managed  to get 12 guys on base throughout the game, but the problem with that is that only 5 of those guys got on via base hit. That just gives you an idea of how tough it is for this team to come by hits right now, which with their lack of power is crucial. That's how you get 12 base-runners and don't score, you simply don't hit. Angel Pagan, who I admit I still like in the three spot, really failed miserably today, leaving 5 guys on base including once with the bases jammed. Also, Gregor Blanco, who for some reason was hitting 6th instead of Matt Duffy, left three runners stranded. They applied the pressure but just could cash in when need be, and that's a worrisome trend here early on in the season. I know it's gonna help a lot to get McGehee and Pence back eventually here but the concern coming into the season has clearly been the issue through the first 8 games.

On the other side of the coin, once again Chris Heston was very strong. The newly-turned 27 year-old right-hander yielded 7 hits, 2 walks and just 2 runs along with 5 punch-outs over 7 innings. Another quality, plus start for Heston, who got the tough luck loss, but you can obviously see why the Giants are so high on the right-hander. He's always posted respectable, yet underwhelming numbers in the minors, but had great spring and now has an 0.69 ERA over 13 innings pitched, allowing 10 hits, 4 walks and has struck out 10 batters. Obviously a small sample size of just two starts, but he's out-pitched even MadBum thus far, and looks like he's a guy who may be here to stay. The Giants have been pretty hush hush on exactly when Cain is set to come back, but something tells me we could see someone else (Jake Peavy could be a candidate if he can't get things going here in his next few outings). You'd have to assume Cain is going to need a rehab assignment, and that hasn't even been brought up yet so we can only hope for an April debut from their horse. Heston's performance will allow them to take it cautiously with Cainer, but they need that guy back out there and helping this team.

It's tough, but like I said in our previous post earlier today (or yesterday at this point I guess), they're going to put it together sooner or later and be better than the 3-5 start they've gotten of to. I don't know if this team, as is, is a playoff level team unless, Although that changes if Sabean adds the right piece or two at the deadline. However, I do think they're a +.500 team, as is, and should be winning at least slightly more than they lose, not the other way around.

Josh Hamilton: Worth the Risk? I don't know how many of you guys have been paying attention to the Josh Hamilton situation, but I feel like the way the Angels are handling it is terrible. The outfielder obviously has an illness and something that will be a life long issue, and he did the right thing in going to MLB for help, and now Arte Moreno and Co. are punishing him for it, removing his locker from the home clubhouse for the opener and openly trying to get out of the remaining $83M Hamilton is due over the next three seasons (even though if they do deal him, they'll have to eat maybe half of that salary). With that said, the guy is 34 years old and if he can get his shoulder right and his offseason slip-up is behind him, he's still an offensive force and perennial all-star with MVP capabilities... Anyway, it probably has about a .01% chance of happening, but how cool would that be to see Josh Hamilton in a Giants uni in Left Field!
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  • At 7:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I was all for going after Hamilton a few years ago when he was a free agent but knew the Giants wouldn't be involved. Seems like a good fit though. Veteran slugger who can provide power and take this lineup from average-at-best to like at least above-average, maybe very good.

    Look at that:

    Pagan cf
    Panik 2b
    Posey C
    Hamilton lf
    Pence rf
    Belt 1b
    Mcegee 3b
    BCraw ss

    Sick lineup peoples. like you said my man, they should "roll the dice".

  • At 12:43 AM, Anonymous CannonBallZ said…

    I don't know if Hamilton is the answer but they need somebody. It's hard to watch this sad offense this year and I don't think Hunter Pence alone is going to magicealy change things. Problem is where do they add a bat? You really gonna sit Aoki, who's been your best hitter through the early going and solid leadoff man, better than Pagan. Honestly, I think 3b is the only spot they don't have a long term guy besides aoki. Seems that unles someone gets hurt for a long time than we don't have a spot to add anyone?


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