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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

2007 Mock Lineup #2

Well, the Giants are adding players at a very quick rate, and there isn't going to be too many wild guesses in this mock line-up, but I will through one possibility out there that hasn't been discussed.

CF. Dave Roberts (The signing would look ok, if the Giants can deal Randy Winn)
SS. Omar Vizquel
2B Ray Durham (Best giants signing of the winter so far)
LF. Barry Bonds (Even though they don't appear too close, the Giants will re-sign him)
RF. Geoff Jenkins (A longshot, but he is available, the Giants have inquired about him, and the Brewers want a leadoff hitting center fielder (Winn) since they got burned by Roberts. Could make sense for both teams)
1B Rich Aurilia (Nice, economical signing overshadowed by the Feliz nightmare)
C. Bengie Molina (His defense has slipped a bit, but there aren't many cathers as consistant with the bat)
3B. Pedro Feliz (This guy should give his agent 1/2 of his '07 salaray for talking the Giants into taking him back as the starting 3rd basemen)

C. Elizier Alfonzo
1B-OF Ryan Klesko (Bonds caddy in left)
1B-OF Mark Sweeney
IF Kevin Frandsen
OF Todd Linden

1. Matt Cain RHP
2. Matt Morris RHP (look for a reboud, but still not worth $9 million a season)
3. Miguel Bautista RHP (Will likely end up w/ KC or Stl., but he knows the NL west and is the type of player Brian Sabean loves)
4. Noah Lowry LHP (If he isn't dealt for a big bat)
5. David Wells/Jonathen Sanchez/Darren Oliver LHP (Giants have interest in both Oliver and Wells while Sanchez could be dealt)

CP. Armondo Benitez
RHP Guillermo Mota
LHP Darren Oliver/Scott Schoenwies
RHP Brian Wilson
RHP Kevin Corriea
LHP Jack Taschner
RHP Tim Worell/ Vinny Chulk

Again, I am going out on a limb on the Jenkins for Winn deal, but everything else seems like it is already done, or is very close to happening. I think it's a matter of days before Bonds is re-signed, then the Giants will turn there attention to something that hasn't gotten any of it yet this winter, pitching. The Giants are still at least a starting pitcher and a few relievers away from putting together a pitching staff and that's if Armondo Benitez is able to pitch this spring. Sabean needs to stop dreaming of Manny Ramirez and start assembling a pitching staff.
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