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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Giants Add Another Ex-Padre

The Giants have added a 4th (and counting) former Padre to their 2007 roster signing Ryan Klesko on Tuesday. The Giants had been dead quiet since announcing their re-signing of Barry Bonds about two weeks ago. Klesko now joins Dave Roberts, Rich Aurilia and Bruce Bochy as former Padre's now employed by the Giants and they may add another one. The Giants are still on the short list of potential suitors for David Wells who will likely choose between the Padres or Giants before the new year. I don't have much of a problem with the Klesko deal itself, a one year, 1.75 million dollar contract plus incentives, but I think the Giants could have used that money plus the money they gave Pedro Feliz and gotten a legit 1st basemen in Aubrey Huff. Entering the off-season, I had Huff high on the free-agency board, and I can't believe he is still hanging around. Huff, a guy who is entering his prime and a player who could make a difference for the Giants, is just sitting there waiting to be signed, while Sabean continues to give money away to players like Feliz and Klesko. Another reason I question signing Klesko is becuase the Giants' already have a left-handed 1B/OF on their bench in Mark Sweeney. On the bright side, Klesko is a player who has had a lot of success, and he has pride. Having him under a one year deal may not be such a bad thing. The Giants aren't giving him a huge base salary, and he will have to have a good season if he wants to earn his money and position himself for a job in '08. Klesko does hold a career on-base percentage in the .370's and if he can give the Giants 500 at-bats, he will probably hit 20 home runs and be a decent run producer. There isn't much of a risk in the signing, but all these little moves add up and take away from the possibility of the big move. This also ends all posibilities of the Giants adding another legit bat before the season.

There was a rumor flying around over the last 2 days that Russ Ortiz was going to sign a 1 year deal with the Giants, but that story was shut down his agent immediately. Ortiz can be had for the league minimum of $380,000 because he is still under contract with the Diamondbacks. Ortiz has been downright awful the last 2 seasons, but has been throwing better in winter ball and is looking for a guaranteed roster spot, something the Giants can't do at this point. I could still see Ortiz signing in San Francisco, but I think Sabean wants to focus on other players first. The chances Barry Zito staying in the bay area are becoming less and less likely by the day as it seems the Mets' are getting more and more interested, and I am starting to get the bad feeling that Sabean's answer to the loss of Jason Schmidt will be Jeff Suppan. Apparantly, the Brewers, Pirates and Giants are in the final 3 for Suppan. If that is the case and if the Giants really want Suppan, they'll get him. Pittsburh wouldn't be a bad place to pitch, but Suppan will likely see even the Giants have a better shot at winning than the Pirates. I think it will come down to the Brewers and Giants, and since he'll still be around when Zito signs with the Mets, the Giants will likely overpay and get him in response to losing out on Zito. I hope I'm wrong, but Sabean is becoming way to predictable.
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