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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bonds/Giants Still Up in the Air

It's now been over a month since Barry Bonds and the Giants agreed in principle to a 1 year deal to bring the slugger back to San Francisco. However, the bad publicity the Giants recieved for their decision to bring back Bonds coupled with the recent reports of his failed amphetamine test, have apparantly given them second thoughts. Now there are reports that the Giants are trying to back out of the deal if possible. As far as the drug test is concerned, the news about a first positive test for amphetamines is supposed to be held in confidentiality, and not even the players employeer has a right to know. So according to those rules, the leaked "failed test" Bonds took shouldn't have even been let out and the Giants should have never even known about it. If this is the reason why the Giants are now quesitoning this deal, then Barry Bonds has a legitimate gripe. If the Giants where questioning the deal before the test results where leaked, then why did they agree to bring the guy back in the first place? I guess the signing of Barry Zito has made Bonds expendable to the Giants. As bad as Bonds has looked in this mess, the Giants aren't looking too good themselves either. Again, they are looking unsure of themselves. It seems like they are trying to score points with the media and fans by expressing interest in backing out of the deal, but what it looks like to me, is an organazation second guessing themselves. All that being said, I still fully expect Bonds to come to terms with the Giants, sooner or later. The Giants are also a better team with Bonds on it, like him or hate him. Without Bonds, watching a middle of an order that consists of Rich Aurilia, Ray Durham and Ryan Klesko all summer long, could get pretty boring and very unproductive.
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