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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Offseason Review

The offseason is finally coming to an end, and in about 3 weeks we should start having some actual baseball to talk about rather than discuss whether Barry Bonds will or won't be back. With that in mind, and all the roster moves wrapped up and done with, I figured now would be a good time to give my offseason review.

LHP Barry Zito (A's)

CF Dave Roberts (Padres)
C Bengie Molina (Blue Jays)
RHP Russ Ortiz (Orioles)
1B/OF Ryan Klesko (Padres)
1B/IF Rich Aurilia (Reds)

RHP Jason Schmidt (Dodgers)
C Mike Matheny (retirement)
OF Moises Alou (Mets)
1B Shea Hillenbrand (Angels)
CF Steve Finley (FA)
RHP Jamie Wright (FA)
C Todd Greene (Padres)
LHP Mike Stanton (Reds)

Comparing the players coming in and the players leaving, I'd say the Giants did pretty well. Zito for Schmidt is an upgrade in my opinion due to Schmidt's recent decline and Zito's durability. The signing of Zito also puts together a starting staff that has great potential now and into the future. Matt Cain, Noah Lowry and Barry Zito are all 28 years of age or younger and are all under contract for a while. They could provide San Francisco with a "Big 3" simalar to what the A's had with Zito, Tim Hudson and Mark Mulder. The Giants also have Tim Lincecum and Jonathen Sanchez waiting in the wings. As far as positional players go,
Sabean did go out and get the best catcher on the market once they realized Matheny would not be returning. Not saying Molina is a savior, but remember the last time the Giants had a good offensive catcher (2002: Benito Santiago). Dave Roberts and Moises Alou are different types of players, but both are pretty equally productive. I think the Klesko signing will end up being a steal, and he'll be a huge upgrade over Steve Finley as the top bench guy. The swap from Aurillia to Hillenbrand is practically a wash, though If I where the Sabean, I would have rather given Hillenbrand a 1 year deal and signed Aurillia to play 3rd. Instead, we will be witnessing our 2nd year of Pedro Feliz starting full time. I think Sabean did ok this winter except for the fact he gave Feliz another contract and he did not replace Mike Stanton. I think the loss of Stanton is going to be a bigger deal than people think. He was the only guy in the bullpen last year who Felipe Alou had any confidence in whatsoever, and this bullpen is very much the same as last years. Yes, full years from Brad Hennessey and Kevin Correia will be nice, and it looks like Jonathen Sanchez will help out there with Russ Ortiz joining the rotation, but a lot will lie on Armondo Benitez's health. If he's healthy and on the team, he should be better than he ever has for the Giants because he's entering the final year of his contract. A good year will get him another multi-year deal, a bad, injury plauged year will get him a 1 year deal, and he knows this. So love him or hate him, it looks like Benitez will hold the key to the bullpens' success in '07.

My overall grade for the Giants offseaon has to be a B. As I said, I am still cringing at the Pedro Feliz signing, and I am still scratching my head wondering why Sabean ignored the bullpen for the 2nd offseason in a row. However, he didn't handicap the organization with any outrageous deals for Carlos Lee or Juan Pierre. Plus the fact that he went out after Zito hard, and actually got him showed me a lot, this is the reason I am giving him the B. I am also not as down on the resigning of Bonds as other people seem to be. He isn't the most popular guy in the world, but without him, this lineup has no identity and absolutely no power. Plus, he's only on a one year deal, and the Giants could very easily take the $16 million he's due in '07 and give it to a younger superstar, such as Adam Dunn, in '08.
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    As a Red Sox fan it would be an understatement to say I like Dave Roberts.

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