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Monday, February 26, 2007

Team Hosts Second Annual "Giants Idol"

For the second consecutive spring, the Giants held a charity event called "Giants Idol," where many of the rookies in camp all perform a song of their choice and are judged by various veterans. As many remember last year, Barry Bonds dressed up as Paula Abdul and served as one of the judges. Keeping the same theme this season, Barry Zito dawned the Abdul costume. Bonds was at the event, but did not participate in the judging this year. Randy Winn and Rich Aurilia where the other judges and Omar Vizquel hosted the event. Among the youngsters that sang/performed in the event were top prospects Tim Lincecum, who performed a Frank Sinatra act, and Kevin Frandsen, who dressed up like Will Ferell and performed a song from the movie Anchorman. It looks like this "Giants' Idol" thing is becoming quite a hit, and I hope they consider televising it next spring.

The Giants' will be playing in the first live action game of the spring Tuesday as they have their first scheduled intrasquad game. Bruce Bochy said that he plans to get in 4 inning scrimmages both Tuesday and Wednesday in preparation for Thursday's cactus league opener. In Tuesday's practice, Tim Lincecum will start for one of the teams. I am looking forward to getting the reviews back from Lincecum's outing. He'll likely only go an inning, but this will be his first action vs. actual big league hitters, even though they're his teammates. Barry Zito is expected to get the ball on Thursday when the Giants play the Cubs in Mesa. Barry Bonds will not be making the trip to Mesa, but Bruce Bochy said he does plan on using Barry on the road at times this spring. Bonds should make his spring debut Friday in Scottsdale when the Giants hos the Brewers.
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  • At 6:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Zito looks hillarious, i would like to see them telivise this as well.


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