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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Giants Not Jumping At A Sabean Extension

Brian Sabean may not be as secure in his job as I thought. I always had the the idea that Sabean would never fired, or let go by the Giants, but in Saturday's Mercury news article, it was made pretty clear that Sabean isn't such a sure bet to stick around after all. Sabean's contract runs out at the end of the year, and Peter Magowan has said that he won't entertain extending a deal until the end of the season. The Giants have gone from one of baseball's consistently better teams, to a virtual bottom feeder over the last few seasons, and that's on Sabean. However, the fact that the Giants' have been competitive over the last decade also has a lot to do with what Sabean did. I personally think it's time for a change in the Giants front office. I respect Sabean and I think he has made some solid moves. I am sure the Giants would have never made the series in '02 if Sabes didn't go out and acquire Kenny Lofton. Unfortunately, ever since that move, Sabean has been un-impressive to say the least. I don't want to blame the Giants lack of success over the last 2 seasons directly on Sabean, but the Giants have been sticking with the same team outline and same plan for years. Fill holes with veteran players, even at the expense of younger ones. They need a fresh start and a new team philosophy. I just don't see the Giants ever winning a world series with Brian Sabean as their general manager. It's good he's on the hot seat, let's see how he operates with his back to the wall this season.

Omar Vizquel has mentioned to the Giants' front office that he wants to play baseball past the 2007 season. If the last 2 years are any indication on where this guy is physicaly, then I think he can play another 10 if he wants to. Out of all Sabeans questionable moves over the past 3 years, the one move that has stuck out the best was signing Omar Vizquel. This guy is still doing amazing things with the glove as he enters his 40's. Not to mention, this guy has also been somewhat of an offensive catalyst while he's been here. He's been a leader in the locker room and has gotten every one's respect in the organization. The Giants' couldn't have asked for anymore than what they've gotten out of Vizquel so far and I think a 1 year extension would be great. The free-agent market for shortstops after this season is pretty thin, so he will be a commodity. I just hope they don't go two years. As much as I like Omar, I don't think I'd give him 2 more years at this point. Shortstop is a demanding position and while I think Vizquel can hold up for another 3 season's, I'm not sure if the Giants will want to be paying him 5 million dollars to be their everyday shortstop in 2009.
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