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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

No Relief In Sight

The Giants bullpen once again has to take the blame for the teams' loses in Philadelphia and Arizona. Armando Benitez is gone, but it seems like the Giants are giving up more games late than they did with him here. I have been a supporter of Kevin Corriea all year, and I have posted numerous times that I think he is the toughest Giants' reliever to hit, when he's on. I still think Corriea has good stuff and I still think he is one of the better relievers on this staff (not saying much) but this guy has blown a lot of games, whether they've been his fault or not. However, You can't really put all the blame on Corriea, even though it's the popular thing to do. The ball Shane Victorino hit out of the park on Saturday wouldn't have even made it to the warning track in San Francisco. And sure, on paper it looks like Corriea is the gofer for Saturday's game, but it was Jack Taschner that gave up the game changing, 3-run home to Ryan Howard on a 1-2 fastball right down the middle. The brightest spot for the bullpen over the weekend was the way Ryan Messenger pitched. Messenger has showed his wildness, but hasn't given up a hit in 2 1/3 innings. With this bunch, that's almost good enough to anoint him the new setup man.

The Giants have fallen 3 games back of .500 now and while it's still very early in the season, they've made it pretty clear that this team is not a playoff team. With the July 31st trade deadline slowly approaching, the Giants are going to have to make a decision as to whether they think they have a shot at making a run and adding players, or if they are going to concede and sell some players. The Giants haven't been sellers at all for about 12 years now, so I would expect the trend of adding at the deadline to continue. I was reading the Oakland Tribune this weekend and came across this piece:

" -The Giants need a veteran closer to anchor their pen. With a starting rotation that ranks with the best in the NL, a closer who has been through the pressure of a pennant race will help keep the Giants in the race. GM Brian Sabean should make an offer to the Rangers for Eric Gagne. The former Dodger still has the stuff to
make big league hitters look silly."

Interesting theory. He has been lights out when healthy this year. He'd definitely be a guy who could really turn the pen around. Imagine having a reliable closer, and reliable 8th inning guy like Henny with a staff like this that pretty consistently is going 7 innings a start. Pat Misch, Travis Blackley and Brian Wilson for Gagne? Doubt Texas would do it, but I guarantee Sabean would. That being said, I personally think this season is a good year to be "sellers", seeing this team has too many holes to make any real run. Plus they have a few guys who some teams could use (Vizquel, Morris, Klesko, Ortiz, Feliz). Who knows, only time will tell.
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  • At 4:25 PM, Anonymous JuTMSY4 said…

    Enough with the Victorino Homer...both teams have to play 9 innings there so you had as much of as shot as anyone else...the phillies are a mediocre team at best right now and they beat another mediocre team (at least at the moment)

  • At 4:45 PM, Anonymous JuTMSY4 said…

    THe giants offense is anemic at best...

    There isn't much that can be done this season that will fix the giants or make them a good team for a long run...THey have 2 options, retool and rebuild or they could make a potential run now, but they've got maybe a 1-3 year window...

    They need pen help, but so does everyone, so its going to be difficult to do, I would suggest they pursue a big bat, if possible and go with wht they got in the pen...they're probably in the middle of NL pens

    The NL, this side of the mets is a complete crapshoot...and if you get in the playoffs, you've got a shot at the whole shabang (St. Louis Cardinals)

  • At 4:46 PM, Blogger TC said…

    I agree for the most part, but no way are the Giants in the middle of the pack as far as their bullpen goes. Just look at their numbers. The Giants have the worst pen in the NL west by far, and I'd put them in the bottom 3 in the NL. The Phills aint great either, but at least they get to look forward to Brett Meyers and Tom Gordon. The Giants have no help on the way.

  • At 4:54 PM, Anonymous Tyrone Briggs said…

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • At 4:55 PM, Anonymous Tyrone Briggs said…

    They should trade Bonds to an AL team look for help at DH to get some young pitching.

  • At 6:10 PM, Anonymous Tyrone Briggs said…

    Just watch George Steinbrenner pop a call to the Giants. After all, Giambi really could use a friend who can relate right about now.

  • At 7:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The Giants would never trade Bonds with him chasing the record and all, but I do see the logic in it. Right now the only thing Giants fans have to look forward to when watching games are Bonds, Cain and Lincecum.

  • At 7:41 PM, Anonymous Tyrone Briggs said…

    Well Giants fans now get to watch Bonds sit on his syringe infected rump, stricken by a deadly case of "shin splints".

  • At 8:57 PM, Anonymous Kelsdad said…

    Correia allowed a walkoff homer in two consecutive appearances, now that's hard to do.

  • At 3:10 PM, Blogger your said…

    Yeah, especially when you aren't even a closer.

  • At 7:25 PM, Blogger The Lone Blogger said…

    Thanks for the comment the other day. If the layout of the new page looks familiar, it's because I'm the guy who used to run Inside the Monster. I only slightly modified that layout for the new site. Glad to see you're still using the logo I made for you at the top of your page : )

    Feel free to stop by some more. I eager to know what people think of the new site.

    The Lone Blogger


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