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Monday, December 08, 2008

Winter Meetings Agenda

Major League Baseball's annual Winter Meetings got underway Monday morning in the Las Vegas, but as of midday, no real big news has surfaced regarding the Giants, or any other team for that matter. The Giants seem to be in on a number of players, free agents and possible trade targets alike but I would say that the chances of the Giants making any sort of newsworthy moves over the next few days aren't as likely as their flurry of recent action has lead some to believe. Still though, Sabean is there, hopefully taking part in meetings/discussions all day rather hanging out at the the Hard Rock, sipping cocktails and gambling away. The Giants have a glaring hole in the middle of their lineup and at the corner of their infield and that needs to be number one on the list this week for the Giants management. They've also had an eye on the CC Sabathia sweepstakes while conducting other business. If anything, the front office should have a clear picture as to where the market stands in both the trade avenue and free agency after Thursday. I have composed a list of the most linked players to the Giants over the last few weeks with a little blurb about each, so keep an eye on these guys over the next few days:

CC Sabathia: Giants are in it, and CC would like to come home. This situation is also turning out a lot like the Zito pursuit and they ended up with (unfortunately). Still say he ends up with the Dodgers or Yankees and I would like to see the Giants save that money for offense anyway.

Randy Johnson: He wants to pitch for the Giants (from Walnut Creek, went to USC) and had a great 2nd half in '08. He could be an option if Jon Sanchez is dealt and even though he's not the Unit of 10 years ago, he'd probably be pretty tough in this yard for a year while Alderson fine tunes in Connecticut and Fresno.

Adam Dunn: Though he's been linked to them, he's highly un-likely due to defensive ineptness and park factor, but Giants have at least contacted him due to their complete lack of any power in the lineup. They have nobody who is shoe in to hit even 20 home runs right now. If he could play first and comes at a discounted deal like (say, 3 years, $42 million), he might be worth it. If he came here though think more along the lines of a 30 hr, 80 RBI guy compared to his 40-100 consistency over the years in Cinci. Also, he's not as valuable to his team as his numbers would lead to believe, just ask the D-Backs. However, he is just about entering his prime and his best could be ahead of him.

Pat Burrell: Has the needed power and had he been free last winter, most certainly would have been the pursued outfielder over Rowand. The outfield is crowded now though and he would be below average at first if moved there.

Jorge Cantu: Giants could probably have him at any moment if they want to part with Sanchez. I wouldn't do it, but I could see it happening as a last resort to fill 3rd base.

Edwin Encarnacion: Very interesting player in that he has high offensive upside and is still young (25), but he has been atrocious at 3rd which is why the Reds are shopping him in the first place. A switch to 1B may be in his future, though not with the Reds) which would help the Giants too. There is a slim chance he'll be non-tendered, which would make him a free agent after the December 19th deadline, but I doubt that.

Hank Blalock: The Giants had confirmed interest last July before he got hurt. May not be able to handle 3rd on a daily basis right now (shoulder) and could see power numbers dwindle in this park. Still, reports yesterday had him remaining on their radar as he could be used at 1st until and if he's ready to play third again.

Joe Crede: He's the only possible 3rd basemen who could be had without trading any good young pitchers Sanchez or players like Burris. And although he's a gold-glove caliber defender and a run producer when healthy (he's only played 144 injury-riddled games over the last 2 seasons) so he's very much a risk/reward guy.

Miguel Tejada: The latest in the rumored infielders the Giants have interest in. I'm not sure how seriously to take this as Tejada isn't much of a run producer anymore (13 hr's, 63 RBI in 630 at bats playing at Minute Maid Park half the time). Only way I semi-consider taking Tejada is if Houston took back someone like Dave Roberts as both are in their last contract year. Houstons' journeyman Ty Wigginton doubled Tejada's hr total in almost 1/2 the at-bats, just to show you how low Tejada's power has dropped.
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  • At 9:34 PM, Anonymous Live in LA said…

    Only people I'd take on this list would be CC and Dunn. Nobody else would even help that much.

  • At 1:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Miguel Tejada? My lord, what happen to all this getting younger? Guess its just hogwash. I agree with LA though, if not CC or Tex, I wouldn't mind Dunn in the Orange in Black Babayyyyyy! GO Giants!!!!

  • At 4:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    So much for CC returning home. I just wish once a player would take less money and play for his home team but it rarely happens. Just signed 7 year deal with NY Yankees and of course the rich get richer.


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