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Monday, December 21, 2009

Giants 2010 Mock Roster #1

With all the rumors flying around, and the Giants still waiting to make their first move the of the 2009-'10 offseason, I wanted to go ahead and take a wild guess at what the Giants 25-man roster could look like come opening day 2010 in Houston. This is more so what I'd like to see than what I think Sabean has in mind, but the moves I'm suggesting here are very possible and realistically could happen if Sabean decided to constuct the team like this.

Signings: LF Kelly Johnson (2-year, $8.5 million + team option for 3rd year at $5.5 million), RF Xavier Nady (1-year, $8 million + mutual option for $9 million), 1B Adam LaRoche (3-year, $28.5 million), C Rod Barajas (1-year, $3 million), UT Jerry Hairston Jr. (1-year, $2 million), P Russ Springer (1-year, $750K)


LF Kelly Johnson (Will return to pre-2009 form and hit .280+ with .800+ OPS)
2B Freddy Sanchez (Full, healthy year should yield .300+ avg, 40+ doubles)
1B Adam LaRoche (Should be Giants #1 target for 1st base; .275, 25 hr, 85 RBI)
3B Pablo Sandoval (If the Giants can protect him, Panda should go .320, 30, 100)
RF Xavier Nady (Really started coming into own, then got injured last year)
CF Aaron Rowand (He'll improve if the Giants lineup does)
C Rod Barajas (Veteran would provide offense, seat-warmer for Posey)
SS Edgar Renteria (Giants need a ut. guy to keep him fresh)


C Eli Whiteside (Giants could look at other catchers to invite to spring training)
Ut. Jerry Hairston Jr. (Solid utility guy plays anywhere besides C and 1B)
OF Nate Schierholtz (would spell Nady/Dye? in right and become teams top ph'er)
Ut. Eugenio Velez (Is becoming a valuable asset as a utility guy, but not a starter)
OF Fred Lewis (I'd work him in center field during spring to up his value)

Starting Rotation-

RHP Tim Lincecum (3rd straight Cy Young will be tough, but still top-3 in NL)
RHP Matt Cain (Stepped up a level in '09 and became an all-star, keeps improving)
LHP Jonathan Sanchez (Thrived after no-no, I think 2010 will be huge for him)
LHP Barry Zito (Coming off best year in SF, hopefully will keep improving)
RHP Joe Martinez (This will be Madison Bumgarner's spot before too long)


CL: Brian Wilson (Quietly becoming one of the best stoppers in the game)
LH: Jeremy Affeldt (Filthy in '09 and should be signed to an extension)
RH: Sergio Romo (Had a rough stretch in '09, but finished the year in solid fashion)
RH: Russ Springer (Could take on Howry's role as bullpen vet, but better)
LH: Dan Runzler (Youngster Looked a lot like Jeremy Affeldt in his brief stint in '09)
RH: Brandon Medders (Had a nice 2009 season, and will be back in mid-relief)
RH: Merkin Valdez (If he can get healthy, he can be dominant)

Tell me this batting order isn't heads and shoulders above anything else they've had since 2004. Now, in order for the Giants to actually pull this roster off, they'd have to increase payroll by about $10 million, but if some of these guys stay available into January (ie. Nady, LaRoche, Hairston), you'd think their prices will drop and the Giants will be in a good position to get a few of them. Chances are that Sabean won't sign 6 guys like I suggested, probably more like 3 or 4. However, the roster I proposed is a very realistic possibility if Giants management wanted to make it happen. The good thing about signing some offensive players like Nady and LaRoche, or maybe even Jermaine Dye if his price drops, is that they wouldn't have to deal any of their pitching away. I think Sabean should target two solid bats that he can hit 3 and 5, and quite possibly a leadoff guy. I'm really hoping those two bats end up being LaRoche and Xavier Nady, but I'm thinking it will likely be Jermaine Dye and either LaRoche or Mark DeRosa. I just really hope they avoid Mark DeRosa. As far as leadoff guys go. They've been linked to Johnny Damon, but with Kelly Johnson now available for 1/4 of the price and identical production, I think he'd make a lot of sense in a Giants uni. If they don't add Johnson, it doesn't appear that a leadoff guy and/or outfielders are too high on Sabean's priority list this off-season. I just wish he'd remember the last time the Giants had a legit leadoff guy (Kenny Lofton in 2002) and what it does for an offense.

I think the Giants are going to roll with what they have as far as their starting rotation goes, and I think they'll be just fine. They may add a 5th starter, but I'd rather see that money spent on offense and see them use and in-house candidate for that slot like Joe Martinez or Kevin Pucetas (until Bumgarner's ready). I'd say the roster I've posted would probably make the Giants division favorites, as they'd finally have some offense to match that pitching. Give them 3 solid hitters (2 middle order guys and 1 for the top) and I believe they can win 95+ ballgames. Matt Cain, Jonathan Sanchez and Tim Lincecum are all still getting better, which is scary, and Barry Zito seems to be figuring out the NL, finally. Oh yeah, Madison Bumgarner will probably pitch in 125 innings or so this year as well. The Giants really aren't that far off from being a very good ballclub.
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  • At 11:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That's an everything must go right in acquiring those players, and they must perform better than expected. What does that get you?

    Third place.

  • At 1:31 PM, Blogger Trevor Cole said…

    It was the first mock roster of the offseason, so yeah, some if it is a bit of a stretch. As I said at the bottom of the post, I don't think the Giants will actually sign all 6 of those guys, but 3-4 of them would be likely...

    And no, those players wouldn't have to perform better than expected in order for the lineup to succeed. Look at what Nady, LaRoche and Johnson (before '09's injury season) did over the last few years. Those guys performing at their career averages would help this lineup out immensely.

    Lets not forget, the Giants got 2 home runs and 50 RBI out of their rf'er last year, and Nady would be a huge upgrade. All those additions would be upgrades on what they had in 2009, no question about it.

  • At 11:38 PM, Blogger stupidmop said…

    Whoever "anonymous" is, is a moron and clearly has not followed the NL West, or is a homer Dodger fan. The giants, when scoring three runs or more during 2009, were the best team in baseball. In the NL, an average offense scores around 4 runs a game. Thus, even with a below average offense, with the Giants pitching the club has a great chance at making it to the playoffs.

    The signing mentioned here would give the Giants a decent offense; one that could take them into the playoffs.

  • At 12:45 PM, Anonymous Beat LA said…

    The Giants should spend every available dollar on hitting. But Instead of signing LaRoche and Nady, just put that money into Matty Holliday. Would that work?

  • At 7:03 PM, Anonymous Thriller said…

    Giants should go for Bay. He's going to be cheaper than Holliday and would upgrade the offense more than the other possible free agent hitters. Bring Bay to the Bay... I know, I know, corny cliche.

    Great blog, keep up the excellent work!

  • At 7:00 AM, Anonymous viagra online said…

    The giants will loose this season for sure, the have a terrible team.


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