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Monday, February 21, 2011

Giants Full-Squad Workouts Underway

Well baseball fans, spring is officially in the air, and the World Champion San Francisco Giants are back at work preparing for their tittle defense in 2011. We were going to use today's post as the follow up to our pitching projections with our hitting version, but there's a lot going on in Giants camp and I figured we'd put the hitting projections on hold for another day.

It was the first day of live batting practice, and workouts for all players have started to intensify, yet the piece of news which gathered most of the headlines was the private trip closer Brian Wilson took to Hollywood to hang out at Charlie Sheen's mansion with various celebrities and prominent former baseball players. I don't really put a lot of time into non-baseball off field issues unless it effects on field performance, but the reason I'm touching on this subject, is because of all the fans calling into the Bay Area sports stations and commenting all over Giants fan-sites on the Internet complaining of Brian Wilson not focusing on getting ready for the Cactus League, but rather taking time out from his conditioning to hang out with the likes of Kenny Lofton, Eddie Murray, Todd Zielle and Lenny Dykstra. My take on the situation is that these people are making too much a deal out of nothing. Wilson is nursing a stiff back, and his short trip west did not interfere in the slightest with his work schedule for the Giants. What people are fussing about though is the pitcher is losing focus with all the national attention that he's gained over the last 6 months, going from a solid big league closer to one of the MLB's most unique personalities.... Long story short, I say don't worry about B.Willy, he'll be ready to answer the bell on April 1st in LA, I'm sure of it!

So, even though they're not new to Giants fans by now, there are a bunch of Giants in their first Spring Training camp with the club, including post-season hero's Cody Ross and Javier Lopez, regular season savior Pat Burrell and relievers Santiago Casilla and Ramon Ramirez. Also in his first spring training camp with San Francisco is their new $6 million shortstop Miguel Tejada. The 36 year-old shortstop was out on the field at 8 A.M. taking grounders and working on fundamentals, proving just why he's been so highly praised as a lead-by-example-type. I think he's going to be a great influence on Pablo Sandoval, as Tejada is a fierce competitor and serious about his conditioning and preparation. Speaking of leadership, former Giants' MVP 2nd basemen Jeff Kent has been a special guest in Scottsdale, and word is that his main focus here will be to work with Buster Posey on his hitting approach in the cleanup spot. This tells me that Bochy is planning to use Posey in the cleanup spot again this year, which, don't get me wrong, worked out great in 2010, but I really wanted him hitting 3rd with Huff in the cleanup spot. However, Bochy traditionally splits up his right handed hitters and lefties in the lineup when possible, and with Freddy Sanchez slated in at 2nd, the left-handed Huff would fit seem to be Boch's logical choice.

TUESDAY UPDATE: Tin Lincecum declared himself ready to start Friday's Cactus League opener in Phoenix vs. Arizona as he'll likely square up against D-Back's default ace Joe Saunders (that shows you just what kind of disarray their pitching staff is in). The Giants will have a intra-squad scrimmage prior to that on Thursday in which Brandon Belt is among some of the younger prospects to appear. We'll have much more on that game as well as a preview of the Cactus League Opener in Thursday's Post!.... And don't worry, The GBB version of our Giants 2011 hitting projections is coming very soon, and be ready for some surprises!
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  • At 6:33 PM, Anonymous Jason Billingsley said…

    Can't wait till Friday's game... Is Lincecum taking the hill? I know he had the stiff neck, but he was throwing on Sunday. Going to be curious to see what lineup Bochy uses!


  • At 7:45 PM, Anonymous Bleacher Club 138 said…

    I wonder what the Giants lineup will be on opening day, they have a lot of options:

    the guarantees: Torres at leadoff, Sanchez 2nd and apparently Huff 3rd and Posey 4th. After that, it's up in the air.

    I'd go Burrell/DeRosa 5th, Sandoval 6th, Ross 7th and Miggy 8th.

    Just my 2 cents!!

  • At 4:29 PM, Anonymous Nathan said…

    I don't care if Brian Wilson flies to China, teaches a karate class, then hikes the Himalayas before going on an African Safari.... As long as the man is ready to answer the call on April 1-October whatever.... He can do what he damn well pleases...

    I wish these paparazzi losers would focus on something actually happening in the world today, rather than two celebrity's hanging out on a Sunday?

    Trevor, you need to get your credentials already, I swear, your better than 1/2 these hacks out there. I like Baggs and Kawakami, but Shulman is starting to urk me and don't get me started with John Shea...

    They need some youth reporting, not these old political geezers.

    Sorry for the banter, just had to get that off my chest.


  • At 1:51 AM, Anonymous HistoricalBaseballFanatic said…


    Why won't commissioner Selig let Brian Wilson were his orange spikes, now that's just bad for baseball

    And they wonder why everyone likes NFL.. Alhthough now they're becoming pansies too because of the some of the new hitting rules.

    IT's like Pro Sports has become WWF of something... I don't care for it one bit.... Bring back the the pre-strike era, then we're talking some baseball.

  • At 3:08 AM, Blogger Trevor Cole said…

    Hey Guys,

    1st off, thanks to every visitor this site has received so far early on in post-championship season. Early February's Giants practices have been a bit bland (stuff has been so quiet that Brian Lawremce minor league deal made headlines) and those of you that leave comments (some of the comments have already been rewarded). Lets show the world Giants fans aren't badnwagons and stay aboard!

    Anyhow, this is my first time commenting in a while, and it's late so I'll keep it short. The Giants Baseball Blog has been very busy as we've been in talks with You Digital Media
    about the possibility of bringing on board a bi-weekely or even monthly Giants Blog Video-cast possibly with some prominent guests/co-hosts.

    Again, nothing is finalized, but be prepared for extra Giants Baseball Blog coverage for the 2011 season and beyond!

    Trevor Cole
    Giants Baseball Blog


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