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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Giants Head Home After Split in SD

They rebounded nicely Wednesday after a rough one Tuesday, as their ace and stopper, Tim Lincecum, absolutely dominated the Padres offense. And now they're coming come for the ring ceremony and to hopefully really right their ship.

I just couldn't bear another "beating a dead horse" post after yesterday's game, so I was really hoping they'd do better today so I'd have something positive to say in today's post, and boy did they ever. The Giants survived a 9th inning scare from the Pads to hold on to win 8-4, behind the arm of their ace. Lincecum went 7 strong, allowing just a run on 3 hits, 13 strikeouts and no walks. Timmy has now gone 14 innings this year with just 1 earned run allowed, 16 strikeouts and 3 walks (notice the 0 BB's in Wednesday's start). He clearly had it from the start Wednesday, but it didn't hurt that the offense put up runs early and often for him. They got things started right off the bat in the first with a Buster Posey 3-run jack, and that's really all Lincecum would need. He only made one real mistake all game long in that hanger to Hundley, but after that, he bared down and was outstanding. He did stumble into a little bit of trouble in the fifth inning, throwing over 25 pitches, which probably cost him from going 8 full innings. I don't think he was going to go the complete 9 no matter what, being that Brian Wilson has just gotten activated and hadn't pitched in a competitive atmosphere since mid-march in the Cactus League (and no, I'm not worried about his outing).

It's just too bad they didn't save some of that offense for Tuesday's 3-1 loss, cause they more than made up for it Wednesday and did it in a game in which Lincecum didn't even need it. Even though Bumgarner had a game all 21 year-old's will have now and again, the bullpen came in and threw 6 innings of scoreless releif, but the Giants weren't able to put up 3 measly runs off of Aaron Harang. In fact, in their 2 wins now, the Giants have score 18 runs, so when they win, they're winning big, but for some reason, they aren't winning those low scoring affairs, which is a big difference from last year. Wednesday night, they didn't have to worry about runs, hits were contagious throughout the lineup, as the lineup received multi-hit efforts out of Aubrey Huff, Buster Posey, Pablo Sandoval and Brandon Belt. Posey was the most impressive, finally finding that breakout game for the first time in 2011. He went 3-5 with a homer (1st of the year) and 4 RBI (now has 5 on the year). Huff and Sandoval also had 3-hit games. Sandoval has been swinging a good bat since the opener, but Huff, although he's had some clutch hits, hasn't had a great average or a real big game either until Wednesday, going 3-5 himself with 2 doubles and 3 RBI.

The one bat who didn't show up, again, was Pat Burrell. "The Bat" left 6 runners on base, grounded into 2 double plays and saw his average sink to .143 after an 0-3 effort. Don't get me wrong, Burrell is still a big part of this team, and should be in the lineup every time a lefty is on the hill, but I'd say it's about time Bochy gives Mark DeRosa a shot out in left. DeRosa has looked hungry and healthy in the brief playing time he's seen this season, but also had a terrific spring, so I don't see why Boch is so hesitant to throw him out there. I also believe he has more range out in left field than Burrell, so not only do they improve offense, but they improve their defense. It's a move that needs to happen starting in Friday's opener vs. St. Louis. Again, Burrell vs. lefties, he's a masher, but vs. righties everyday at this point is becoming exposed.

Notes: The Giants will play their first real game at AT&T Park since the World Series Friday, which will include a host of festivities, non more famous than the ring ceremony. I, unfortunately, won't be there, I'm jealous to those that are, but it's going to be one hell of an atmosphere at that ballpark that we'll even feel through the TV's and radio's... To make room for Wilson, Santiago Casilla was placed on the 15-day DL.
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  • At 9:37 PM, Anonymous hitnrun said…

    Agreed that Burrell should probably sit some against rightys, especially in a huge park like Petco, where his lack of range becomes a factor. Burrell is streaky, but when he is off he hurts the team 2 ways. Same goes for Tejada, another bad play today in the field, which negates anything he does with a bat in his hand.Sabean may have to start scanning the junk heap for another shortstop, as Tejada is making Renteria look really good.

  • At 1:37 PM, Blogger Leffty said…

    The Giants' defense hasn't been great, but the rotation has been phenomenal. We ranked all the starting rotations in baseball through the first week, and the Giants came out at #3, with Lincecum leading the way like usual. A 2.33 ERA is really impressive and the 3.27 K/BB ratio is filthy.

  • At 2:49 PM, Anonymous Eddie said…

    Can't wait for Friday!

    Never thought I'd ever see a World Series Champion banner raised in San Fran in my lifetime! Go Giants!

    Let's hope the good guys get on a roll after hearing their fans cheer for them again!


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