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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Giants Blog Interviewed By Amazination

I was recently approached by Ian Bozsnyak, author at Amaziation (www.amazination.blogspot.com), with some questions about the upcoming Mets-Giants series. (Keep in mind, this was done on Monday, before the series and the Jose Reyes rumors became so rampid)


Q1) Last Season Brian Wilson adopted the phrase "Fear the Beard" and Wilson also adopted the term to some, "the best closer in all of Baseball." Wilson went on the DL during Spring Training this season with an oblique injury. Since returning though converting 8 out of his 9 save opportunities, he has an ERA that through 11 games, stands at 6.97. Wilson has also walked 9 batters in 10.1 innings. Trevor to you what is the major problem with Brian Wilson, and is he beginning to become a concern for not only the fans but Bruce Bochy and his staff as well?

TC: The problem with Wilson, if you want to call it a problem, was that he just didn't throw much in the spring and it took him a few games to get going. The large era came from his first 2 games, since then, he's been nails. Since the blown save on the 8th, he's gone 8 innings allowing just 4 hits. Those first few outings really were like Spring games for him since he had such little work. I would say he finally hit his groove around April 10th and you go on what he's done since then than the first 2 games of the season... Not to mention, seems like a lot of closers had the early season jitters going too, not just Wilson.

Players such as Buster Posey, Aubrey Huff, Pat Burrell, Freddy Sanchez, and Cody Ross were just a few of the many offensive players that helped the Giants bring San Fran the title in 2010. In 2011, these players are struggling tremendously. What are the thoughts around the Giants organization about these players struggles, and which player to you is the biggest question mark?

TC: Your right on about them struggling, matter of fact, the whole offense is struggling (4 runs scored in 4-game series in Washington over the weekend). Sanchez and Posey each started off real hot, but have gone stone cold the last 10 games. Posey isn't really "struggling", still leads catchers in hr's and RBI, just has to bring the average up a bit Huff right now is the biggest question mark to me, just because has steadily gotten worse as the season goes on after being their most consistent offensive player last year. Now that Sandoval is out, it's magnified even more.... Burrell's average is actually slowly climbing and he brings that big home run stick, which is why Boch plays him out there... As far as Ross, that guy didn't play any baseball for a month, and all the sudden he's back in the big league's, I'd like to give him another 2 weeks before we asses were he's at.

Q3) During the Mets-Giants series, the Mets will see Ryan Vogelsong on Tuesday night against R.A Dickey. Tell me a little about Vogelsong, and what Mets fans should expect to see.

TC: Vogelsong has been around the block a bit and has returned home to the team that drafted him back in 2000. The 33 year-old will feature a fastball that will go low 90's, not really overpowering. He's got a nice change-up that will keep hitters off-balance which he showed last week vs. Pittsburgh. He can also strike you out (8 in 5 2/3 last start) and he's in the zone a lot. But there is a reason why he's bounced around so much. If you get to him early, he doesn't often regain composure. Could be a whoever scores first kind of game.

Q4) A pitcher that stood out too me in 2010 postseason for the Giants was Madison Bumgarner. Bumgarner through five starts this season is 0-4. What is the problem with Madison this year and did his last start in Pittsburgh show promise for the Giants going foward?

TC: Well, Bumgarner is 21 years-old and yes he did have a few bad starts to begin the year with. He misplayed a bunt in San Diego in his very first start which resulted in 3 runs scoring in the inning, and I really think that stuck with him. Then when he'd get in trouble, he'd get the feel, "here we go again". But like I said, he's a young arm and things like that will happen with young arms. Anyway, his last 2 starts have been brilliant (13 IP, 1 ER, 14 K's and only 11 base-runners allowed) and he was tagged with losses in each because the Giants offense went non-existent. So in reality, he should be 2-2. And for him to get his era down from the high 7's where it was in mid-April to 4.75 so quickly is pretty impressive. I think Bumgarner will be fine.

I read a portion of a post you wrote that explains how much you want the Giants to get Jose Reyes. Reyes as we all know is an exceptional talent that does not show up every day. As we can all assume, Sandy Alderson and his staff will be asking for a ton is return for Jose. The Mets going foward when trading ball players away want a ton of pitching, and hard throwers. They also would like their share of pop, and speed as well. This may be a hard question to answer but could you possibly put together a few young talented players that you believe could fit that bill that i mentioned the Mets would be interested in but at the same time be a realistic package that could be shipped to New York.

Giants fans would go gaga over Reyes, but your right, I don't think they'd give up what the Mets would want or match up well in a trade scenerio. I think a chance of scenery would do Reyes wonders. Not too mention, he's the kind of athlete you can move to CF or 2B later in his career. I just like him as a player, when he's healthy. But again, whatever team get's him, has to sign him, or else you give up all those players for nothing.

My proposed package for Jose Reyes I guess would go a little something like this: 1.) CF Gary Brown (A-Ball;Giants #1 pick 2010) 2.) LHP Eric Surkamp (AA Richmond- Giants #2 P prospect), 3.) OF Thomas Neal (AAA Fresno- Top 5 prospect), 4.) RHP Sergio Romo (27 YO with closer stuff now, KRod perfect mentor)

That's about what I could come up with as far as players I think New York would want and the Giants may give up. No way they give up Brandon Belt or Zach Wheeler for a guy who could walk in the winter.
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  • At 4:59 PM, Anonymous J-Bill said…

    Tradin for Reyes would be sweet, only if the Mets are realistic. I'd give up Schierholtz and maybe Surkamp....

  • At 7:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I agree,

    Reyes would be sick to have at ss and a good 2 players I would give up are Schierholtz and Romo. Mets could use both I think right away (Romo to set-up KROD and Nate in LF).

    I just don't see it happening, there talking this just because the 2 teams are playing and the Giants need a SS.... The'd be saying the same if it were St. Louis playing in NY and not the Giants...

  • At 9:21 PM, Anonymous Noah said…

    Nice interview Trevor.

    "Godhand" Reyes would change the dynamic of the team so quickly. Suddenly, speed, and a solid left side of the infield.

    If the Giants could sign him to a long term deal, it would be worth it to throw in Wheeler to a package.

    But he's going to want ridiculous bucks, like 7 years/140 million.

    I think the injury rap on him is a little overblown. One of his trips to the DL was when he was out with a gland problem, not sports related, IIRC.

  • At 6:57 PM, Anonymous EZ Eddy said…

    No Trade for Reyes... Cant believe all the Giants fans who want to rent him....

    He's a health issue, no way you give him a Zito or Rowand deal.

    Only way I make the trade is if they can deal Rowand or Zito in the deal, which would free up money for a Reyes deal.

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