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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Timmy Shuts Out Oakland

I'm going to keep this one short (I know I always say that and write 1,000 words) but I'm going to enjoy this victory.

Lincecum pitched his tail off and I'm glad Bochy showed the stones to keep him out there after that 9th inning hit. He made the right move with Sanchez last night removing him in that situation and made the right move tonight by keeping in Timmy. That's just plain knowing your players and good managing. Besides Lincecum's dominant shutout, in which he went the distance, striking out 4, and allowing just 3 base hits and no walks. He wasn't crazy high with the strikeouts Saturday, cause the A's know Timmy, they see him in Spring Traning a lot and in interleague and they'll hit him, so that just goes to show you how dominant he was, and how on point he was with his stuff. To shut down an offense that knows him as well as anyone like that was something, I don't care who was out there hitting. I know the A's are like the AL's version of the Giants offensively, only worse, that takes nothing away from what #55 did Saturday night. What was the most important, is that the Giants actually got a few runs for Timmy this time, when all he needed was one. Linceucm's record is 4-4 now, despite his 2.07 era when it should be closer 7-3 when you look at his game log. Freddy Sanchez and Buster Posey each came through for Timmy at the plate delivering 2-hits each. Buster, especially, really seems to be coming alive and acclimating, finally, as he had 2 more hits and an RBI, raising his average to .284 (check May numbers), but still not flexing much power. Each of those guys were little banged up on the road so it's good to see them back at full health here at AT&T. One thing the Giants cannot afford is injury to any more players.

So the Giants sent the Jekyll-and-Hyde one of the Giants rotation takes the mound tomorrow in Jonathan Sanchez, in a really nice match-up of young lefties, going up against Oakland's Gio Gonzalez in a game where MLB Odds are favoring San Francisco. Sanchez's first 6 starts of the year were typical Sanchez and he was rolling at 2-1 with a 2.73 era, great K numbers and a .204 BAA. Then all the sudden, the calendar turned May and Sanchez has been a different pitcher. In the month, Sanchy is 1-2 in 18 innigns over 3 starts with a 5.5 era and a .239 BAA. Now, nothing to get to alarmed about, but I've noticed a difference in Sanchez's body language the past few starts, kind of a negative vibe, whether he's getting pissed at the umpires or maybe he's not physically right. Maybe it's just me but his May numbers are backing up the point here. Either way, I will be watching closely Sunday to see if Sanchez and the Giants can sweep the A's back to Oakland. Big start for Sanchez who's coming off a head-scratcher in Colorado last week (7 innings shutout ball, then imploded in 8th).
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  • At 12:11 AM, Anonymous Purp&Black said…

    Good article, not a Giants fan, just came across the site and said what the hey, I love BBall and the site was just updated.

    Anyway, Giants fans relax, they are just hot, that's all there is too it. I know they have some skill and great pitching, but they're getting some luck right now.

    Ubaldo Jimenez is crapping his pants and Carloz Gonzalez isn't even going for the Rocks yet... I give it until mid-June that the Rockies are flying at full strength and are in first place by at least 4-5 games!

    Everyone wants to talk about the great Giants starters, what about Jhouyls Chacin or De La Rosa or Hammell, it's not all about Jimenez.

  • At 2:18 PM, Anonymous Jason Billingsley said…

    I'm overly worried about the left-side of the infield (both offense and defense). Fontenot and Tejada are getting worn out. Fontenot is out of position and Tejada is playing everyday by necessity, when he really needs 2 days off per week.

    They're saying at least a month before Sandoval is back, I don't think I can take this another month.

    I say try out Burris, or Huff at third or something, this is just pathetic.


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