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Thursday, December 08, 2011

W.M. Day 3: Giants Finished for Offseason?

If trading for Angel Pagan really killed any shot at retaining Beltran or getting another adequate power bat in here, than I'm starting to dislike the deal a little bit.

Sabean said in a mini-conference after the Pagan deal was announced that he Giants are "tapped out" as far as resources in both trade and free agency, and he doesn't expect another significant move before next season. They essentially said goodbye to Cody Ross and have apparently stopped what little talks they've had with Beltran's camp, and appear to be focused on bottom-of-the barrel infielders. If they don't succeed there, they're fully content with Manny Burris and Mike Fontenot backing up Sanchez and Crawford. The only thing worse than the last few sentences I posted would be that the Giants are planning on dealing Lincecum or Cain, but they may as well if they continue to diminish their offense. If they enter 2012 with their current bunch, I actually believe they would have declined over the team they ended with in 2011, and that's saying a whole lot. Granted, Buster Posey will be back and Huff will improve, they'll have the .200 hitting Crawford at short full time, along with a light-hitting, defensive oriented outfield. A first basemen who's largely hit or miss and a 2nd basemen coming off a season in which he missed 2/3 of with an injury that could haunt him throughout his career. That's a lot of questions for a team 2 years off a Championship!

Let's all hope Sabean is saying these things to send a message to agents/teams that he doesn't need to make another deal, thus lowering the asking prices, cause if this is the team we get in 2012, I predict a mirror image of the 2011 campaign. Time for Mr. Sabean to get creative and get a shortstop like Nakajima or move for a guy like Willingham. This team needs hitters and/or a shortstop who can handle the bat. If they fail to add one or the other, it's going to be another nail-biting year in SF in which the Giants come up short!
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  • At 9:04 AM, Anonymous KP said…

    WOW... Pujols 10 years/260M from Angels...... Then they spend 75M on CJ Wilson.

    Yet the Giants can't afford Carlos Beltran?

  • At 6:55 PM, Blogger Trevor Cole said…


    The Brewers signed Alex Gonzalez today, meaning we won't need to witness him and his .270 OBP in O&B next season!

    Market's starting to pick up, and even though the Giants declare they're done, I still think they have a move or two up their sleeve...

    Sorry for no post today, we'll be back up tomorrow with thoughts on Pujols (10 years? Yikes!) as well as new Giants rumblings.

  • At 7:15 PM, Anonymous PandaFan said…

    Watch the Giants go out and sign Coco Crisp or someone like that now.
    They can't seem to get enough light hitting, decent average hitters in their lineup, but no body has power cept for Sandoval. Even Posey is a 15-20 HR guy.

    I agreed with your assessing of Willingham, I think that would be a perfect addition in left. Also would't mind the Japanes shortstop Ikamura? or whatever his name is. Not only are they going to have a light hitting outfield, but their infield aint anything special either besides Panda Bear.


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