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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bullpen Slips in Fifth Straight Loss

The Giants losing streak hit four games Monday night after losing a late one to the Mets and they've really seen their bullpen get lit up over the last few days. Now it's decision time!

It was just 5 days ago everybody was talking about sweeping LA again and running away with the West but now just about 12 hours away from the non-waiver trade deadline, plenty of Giants fans are singing a different tune. The rival LA Dodgers further improved their team Monday night, acquiring a guy I was hoping the Giants would make a run at in Seattle closer Brandon League. The Giants sure could have used him Monday night too, cause their bullpen just couldn't get the job done in support of Madison Bumgarner and a gutsy offensive performance. The Giants got beat with their best as Sergio Romo and Santiago Casilla each took turns surrendering a lead. Both gave up long home runs to infamous "Giant Killer" Scott Hairston and the pen just couldn't lock down the victory. It was a gutsy performance by the offensive as a whole and Bumgarner, but the Giants aren't going to win many games that their bullpen gives up 6 runs in. As bad as this team could use another middle of the order bat, I think their primary need was exposed Monday night and that's a true closer!

Now, the thing about getting late relievers is that you can usually find some good ones available after the non-waiver deadline in August, but that's a little risky if you bank on that. The fact is, the Giants need two big components pretty equally right now and it's likely going to come down to which position/player is the most easily attainable. San Francisco has been linked to numerous players over the last 12 hours alone, from Justin Morneau, to the continuing Hunter Pence talks and were even capped off with an Alfonso Soriano rumor. According to reports late Monday, the Chicago outfielder either used his no-trade clause to void a deal to San Francisco, or he made it clear he would in the event one took place. In any case, that's probably a good thing for the Giants. The don't need another guy in his mid-30's with an outrageous contract. I don't know if there is any truth to that rumor, but if so, it makes me wonder if Sabean's panicking a little bit after this rough stretch. Pence is the guy I'm holding out some hope for as I think he could really ignite this offense and make an impact, but I really don't see Philly dealing him unless they get a big time return.
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  • At 10:57 AM, Anonymous AlbertHines said…

    Wow, the Dodgers are just adding whoever the hell they feel like adding. Looks like the new owners pockets are deep. These guys are dealing like it's the middle of the offseason. League, Ramirez, Vitorino and now Dempster.

    Yankees of the West.

  • At 4:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Trevor -- writing after the Pence deal came through, your comments were prescient!

    And I agree, Soriano has been an albatross around the Cubs' necks for a long time. He's hitting a little better, but he's at his ceiling, and the only question is how fast he will start to decline. Glad he didn't want to come to SF, because Pence is so much better!


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