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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Giants Peaking Again

Just about a month ago, the Giants were playing very similar to the way they are right now, and took over first place from the LA Dodgers. Now it will be interesting to see if they can hang onto the lead this time around.

Lincecum gets back in W column
San Francisco just got done taking game two of their three-game set with the Phillies, after another valiant effort from Tim Lincecum Friday night followed by a comeback win in extra innings Saturday. That gives the Giants another shot at a sweep on this road trip that they've absolutely dominated. This team has shown they can beat you in a variety of ways, especially since the break, and that's what makes them such a tough matchup right now. The difference between their play now and their play a month back is that they finally appear to be getting some consistency out of Tim Lincecum. His start on Friday again was reminiscent of his Cy Young-winning form and defeating Philly should be an even bigger step in the right direction for him. It wasn't as lights out of performance as the one vs. Houston last weekend, but for him to string two goods one together like this is a great sign. Sure the Phils aren't what they were when the Giants faced them in 2010 right now, but they still have some heavy hitters in their lineup and guys who have had good lifetime success off Lincecum. That coupled with the fact that he got back in the W column again should be enough to get part of that monkey off his back.

Cain connects off Hamels
Matt Cain wasn't able to follow up Lincecum as strongly as he would have liked on the hill, but he let his bat do some talking for him, and ultimately gave the team a chance to win Saturday. And they cashed in on that opportunity. Although Saturday's win wasn't as crisp as you'd like to see them, the fact they were able to pull that one out, and they way they did win it was further testament to just how well this team is playing right now. If your struggling as a team, comeback victories just don't happen. Luckily the Giants have won 7 of 8 since the break and haven't had to battle back in many, but they've shown their not only capable, but capable of beating a premium closer like Jonathan Papelbon. Whether they need someone to come up with the big base-clearing hit like Brandon Crawford did Friday, or someone to lay down a successful bunt like Gregor Blanco did Saturday, this team is getting it done. It also doesn't that Buster Posey has been a mad man since the break too and is finally giving this team a consistent power threat in the middle of the order. Posey collected four hits in a game for the 4th time in his young career Saturday, including home run number 13.

I'm seeing more and more of the 2010 team in this years squad by the day.
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  • At 9:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This has been a crazy year. Probably goes down to the final week of the season between Giants and Bums. But they Still need another good hitter!

  • At 6:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Too bad they couldn't sweep. :(


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