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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Bullpen Blowin' It!!!

What started out as a solid first 2 weeks of the season, turned very ugly in week three as the Giants bullpen has been beaten very badly over the last few outings. It started out in Arizona when Jeff Fassero had to make a spot start. The Giants got an early 5-0 lead, only to hand the lead back to the D-Backs before pulling it out late. Then Kevin Corriea and Scott Munter give up 5 runs in 3 innings the next night. The next night the Giants where unable to hold onto a 6 run lead after Jamie Wright dominated the D-Backs for 7+ innings, luckely they pulled that one out as well. However, in game one in Colorodo last night, the Giants' bullpen gave up 4 runs, in the ninth, and the Giants could not do anything about it. The only person with an era under 5 on the Giants staff is Steve Kline at 3.18. Armondo Benitez is back, but he was rocked in his first outing as well. The Benitez signing still has yet to pay off in any way, shape or form and it's gotta be eating at Brian Sabean.

I don't think Sabean would make a move this early, but I think it's becoming obvious early on here that the bullpen could start to be the teams downfall again. Remember how the nightmare all started last season? It was the faulty bullpen that was atrocious early, and it really put the Giants behind the eightball for the rest of the season. They can't let it get to that point again. There is no doubt this Giants team is better than last years version, but They do still have some glaring weaknesses. They made a move recently in adding minor leaguer Brian Wilson and releasing reliever Tyler Walker and Wilson dominated the Rockies in his big league debut.
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