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Friday, April 07, 2006

Lowry Headed for DL

Noah Lowry has a strained oblique muscle and has been put on the disabled list. The Giants have recalled Kevin Corriea from Fresno to take Lowry's spot on the roster and in the rotation. The Giants now have two very key pitchers on the DL in Armondo Benitez and now Lowry. Strains like that one can nag all season long, so the Giants may be extra cautious in bringing him back. We may not see Lowry again untill May. Supposedly Armondo Benitez is on his way back and should be there when he is eligable to come off the DL. When Benitez comes back, the Giants bullpen (which has been the teams strength though the first 3 games) will become even stronger. I am really likeing the potential the bullpen has this season, especially if Tim Worrell continues to pitch like he has.

Looks like Fridays game will be rained out. I was definetly looking forward to Matt Cain's 2006 debut. Cain and Jamey Wright now become extra important due to Lowry's absence. Cain now becomes the teams #3 and Wright the #4 and they are going to need to provide innings. I'm not sold on Corriea as a starter, I think he's best suited for long relief, but apparantly Brad Hennessey is having some control issues and is not ready to return to the major league team. Even though the Giants are 2-1, I am still leary on the offense. The Giants have done all their scoring in bunches this season. It gets frustrating to watch other teams mediocre starters routinely stroll through the Giants lineup with batters hacking at first pitches. The Giants have also yet to hit a home run. I couldn't be sure, but I'd have to guess that they are the only team to play at least 3 games without a home run.
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