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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Playoff and Award Predictions

AL MVP: Eric Chavez (better supporting cast, team should ride him to playoffs)
NL MVP: Andruw Jones (hit 50 hr's last season, now just needs to get his avg. up to be truely great)

AL CY YOUNG: Roy Halladay (when healthy, the best rightie in the AL)
NL CY YOUNG: Carlos Zambrano (has the talent, age and fire to stack up a ton of these awards throughout career)

AL R.O.Y.: Francisco Liariano (him and Johan Santana could provide nasty 1-2 punch)
NL ROY: Matt Cain (21 yr. old has already gotten his feet wet in the bigs, should win 15 this season)

AL M.O.Y.: Ken Macha ( will have A's in playoffs and dominating the AL)
NL M.O.Y.: Felipe Alou (will figure out a way to keep the Giants healthy and fresh throughout season)

Playoff Prediction:

ALDS: White Sox over Blue Jays
A's over Yankees

NLDS: Giants over Cardinals
Braves over Astros

ALCS: A's over White Sox
NLCS: Braves over Giants

2006 World Series: Atlanta Braves over Oakland A's
I'm picking Atlanta, because I think they will find a lights out closer at some point in the season. The Braves won the division without a healthy Chipper Jones or Tim Hudson last season, so now with even more depth and power, they should be even better. John Smoltz will have a Curt Shilling type post season as he and the Jones boys lead the Braves to the promised land.
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