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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

1B Offense Obsolete.

With Bonds not quite Bonds at the moment and Moises Alou out for at least another 6 weeks, the Giants need now more than ever to start seeing some offense out of the corner infield positions. Pedro Feliz is really starting to heat up. He hit a huge grand slam in Houston yesterday and he has 7 RBI's over the last 2 games. Moises went out at the worst time because he was really hitting the ball well and looked like he could have been on his way to the all-star game. Speaking of the All-Star game, I have no idea why they start the voting at the end of April. I think they should wait until at least June before they start releasing the ballots at the ballparks and online. It's tough to tell if a player is worthy of an all-star appearance if he's only had 100 at bats or only made 4 starts. It looks like with Alou out, Randy Winn would be the next most likely candidate and he's only hitting .290 with 4 hr's, 15 RBI and a whopping 2 stolen bases. It's obvious the Giants haven't had consistant offensive contribution from 2nd base due to Ray Durham's injuries, but first base is really starting to look like a black hole for the Giants. Lance Niekro at .240 and only 2 hr's and 18 RBI mid-way through May far from impressive. Mark Sweeney is providing a little more pop over there, but he's only hitting .230. I don't mind giving Niekro another few weeks to get comftorble, but if June rolls around and he's still below .250 with limited run production, it's time for more Sweeney. Sabean may need to be looking despratly at improving the Giants at first base. One name to keep an eye on is Nationals' first baseman, Nick Johnson. Johnson is a bay area native, and would remind Giants fans a little of Will Clark. Not sure what the Nationals would want in exchange for Johnson, but it would likely cost more than Merkin Valdez and Kevin Frandsen.

Matt Cain has finely been demoted to the bullpen and I think that is a good move on Felipe's behalf. Take some pressure off the youngster, get him in a few games that don't matter to much to get him back on track. Not to mention, the man taking his spot, Brad Hennessey, is throwing the hell out of the ball at 3-1 with an .era below 3. The only problem with Hennessey is that he has walked more batters than he's struck out. If he can minimize the amount of walks, he's going to make it tough for the Giants to determine what to do with Matt Cain. Jamey Wright turned in another solid performance Tuesday in Houston, and now leads the Giants with 4 wins. What a pick up he has been, and remember, he signed a minor league deal.
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