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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Cards' Exploit Giants' Biggest Weakness

Thanks to another bad outing by Matt Morris and another explosion by the bullpen, the Giants lost the series to the Cardinals after dominating them in game one. Both Noah Lowry and Matt Morris got hit pretty good, but I'm especially worried about Morris. He's getting paid 8 million dollars a year and outside of his first 2 starts and a game in Houston, he has looked downright horrible. I know I'm not paying the 8 million, but that money could have been spent better elsewhere. Like in the bullpen. The Giants counted so heavily on Tim Worrell and Steve Kline to return to their pre-2005 forms. Kline has been ok, but Worrell has been the worst pitcher in the pen and no matter how much Mike Krukow wants to sugar coat it, a 6.91 era is not "throwing the ball well." I am also curious to see how long they let Scott Munter and his flattened out sinker stick around before it's back to Fresno. The only pitchers I have somewhat confidence in out of the bully right now are Steve Kline (sometimes), and Armondo Benitez with a 2 or more run lead. All in all, the starting pitching has been decent enough to have the Giants in first place in this subpar division. Jamey Wright's success has somewhat evened out Matt Morris' struggles, Matt Cain has been inconsistant, Noah Lowry has been hurt and Jason Schmidt is finally starting to look like his pre-2005 self. The only problem with the starting pitching is that they have yet to get 4 or 5 guys throwing well at the same time, which makes it even tougher on a weak bullpen. If the Giants had even an average bullpen, they would have another 3-5 wins at least. It's still to early to really tell who will be available on the trading front, but I am all for some "in-house" moves and I am ready to see some of the guys at Fresno and in Connecticut come up and give it a shot, they can't be worse than Worrell and Munter have been.

The Giants start a series with the Rockies this weekend who have already taken a series from the Giants this season at Coors Field. The topic of that series was the beanball war that started with Jose Mesa beaning Omar Vizquel. It is going to be very, very interesting to see what happens if Vizquel squares up against Mesa again this weekend. The whole baseball world now knows of the beef between these two so there will be some eyes on this series.I don't think it will happen because I'd bet Mesa would see a 15 game suspension and a huge fine, but he's said he will hit Vizquel everytime he faces him and he has done so ever since. If Vizquel faces Mesa and Mesa hits Vizquel again, I highly doubt Vizquel will drop the bat and mosey on down to first base like he did last month. I hope we will actually see a reaction out of him this time if it comes to that point. If there is ever a moment in baseball to charge the mound, that would be it, and it would be a pay-per-view event if that where to happen. There has been so much bad blood boiling between those two that they are bound to explode sooner or later if they keep crossing paths. Things could get interesting this weekend out at SBC. Ohh yeah, did I mention Barry is still sitting on 714?
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  • At 12:06 PM, Blogger J Crew said…

    I gotta tell ya, I love the Gigantes. Morris really needs to pick it up as he is supposed to be our #2 guy.

  • At 11:36 PM, Blogger Trevor said…

    No doubt Morris needs to step it up. He hasn't come close to showing he's worth the 8 mill a year he's getting.


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