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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Bonds hits 714, and gets Cheered?

Barry Bonds finally did it after going 2 weeks without a jack, he hit a bomb to right-center field of left Brad Halsley for his 714th home run. Unfortunetly, I was watching my little league team get the crap beat out of them during the game. I did watch a lot of replays though, and what amazed me was the reaction by the fans in Oakland. I know 30-40% of the fans at this game where Giants' fans, but the cheers still heavily outweighed the boos. I knew there where going to be some mixed emotions, but I honestly thought 70% of the stadium was cheering. Again I wasn't there, and didn't even see it live, but it sounded loud. What was more important in the game however, was that the Giants won and Ray Durham is starting to hit the ball. Pedro Feliz has gotten going and if Durham can join him and get his average up around .290, then the Giants should be able to shoulder the loss of Alou a little better. Jason Schmidt threw another gem as well and he is really starting to look good. Schmidt is finally looking like the ace of this staff again. Cain gets the nod on Sunday and he needs to come through for his own security. Brad Hennessey is throwing too well to be demoted and he may take Cain's spot if Cain has another poor outing.

It said on the Giants' homepage that Lance Niekro may be placed on the 15-day DL. That would mean a lot more time for Mark Sweeney and that is not such a bad thing. I think with consistant playing time, Sweeney would be more productive at the plate then Niekro, especially at this time. The only thing is, the Giants are going to lose out on defense a little with Niekro out of there. I have seen Sweeney boot some pretty routine balls this season and he is nowhere near the scooper that Niekro is. I am wondering who will take Niekro's spot? I guess Kevin Frandsen, but I don't see the point unless he can maybe play 3rd against lefties and Feliz can play 1st. I'd rather have Frandsen get 4 at-bats a night in Fresno then 4 ab's a week in San Francisco. I also don't think it should be Travis Ishikawa again either, he's hitting .227 in AA right now. Maybe pull up Adam Shabala and give either him or Dan Ortmier the first base glove. Just a thought. We'll see how Sabean plays it, anyone but Ishikawa.
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