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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Giants Agree to Terms with Pagan, Cabrera

Well, you can mark off the two newest Giants on the list of arbitration eligible players who still need deals. The Giants inked each outfielder to one-year deals and avoided any hearing with Santiago Cassilla by inking the reliever to a one-year deal as well.

Melky Cabrera, who the Giants shipped off Jonathan Sanchez for, ended up getting a one-year, $6 million deal, and will become a free agent after this upcoming season. After the season Cabrera just had, I have to consider Cabrera's figure pretty reasonable. Dude hit over .300 with over 200 hits, 20 homers, 20 steals, and had over 100 runs scored, all of which are very good benchmarks in terms of arbitration. With Pagan, the Giants may end up getting a steal at $4.85 million for 2012. It's been said more than once this offseason, as long as the Giants get a determined Pagan, and get him back closer to his 2010 form, then they'll have themselves a very affordable, legit leadoff hitter (something they didn't have at any point in 2011). So the Giants ended up locking up their two big offseason acquisitions for about $10M total, and that's not a bad figure. I honestly thought both would get at least 6 million, so this is a pleasant surprise and may free up some extra cash for another addition or two. We talked at length in our last post about the options that still remain for the Giants to upgrade their roster, and none appear any closer to deals now than they have all offseason. Cassilla, who filled in at closer at times last season for a banged up Brian Wilson, ended up signing for a very affordable $2.2M for 2012. All Cassilla has done since dawning a Giants uni in 2010 has rocked a 1.84 ERA and notched nearly a K an inning while filling in admirably for B-Weezy when the closers needed a rest or been shelved.

Now, the Giants did end up getting three, very key guys locked up and taken care of for 2012, but they still have some very important pieces still waiting to figure out their 2012 contracts. The two most notable are obviously, Tim Lincecum, who's bound for a record figure and should net around $18 million or more for 2012. Also, Pablo Sandoval remains without a 2012 contract, and while he won't be nearly as costly as Timmy, it would be in the Giants best interest to try and get him locked up long-term right now. I don't know what Pablo is looking for but I know he loves San Francisco and wants to remain a Giant, so he'd probably be very open to a long-term contract, which in the end, would probably cost the Giants less than going year-to-year through arbitration until he's a free agent in 2015. I'd try and give him a 5 year/$40 million offer and see if he bit. That would come out to be around $8M annually and keep Pablo in Orange and Black until he was a 30 year old, and buyout a year of free agency. It's a figure I could definitely live with, especially when you consider all Pablo has accomplished at his young age. He's been an all-star, he's had 3 really successful seasons in the bigs, granted one was only a two month stint, and he's still a ways away from even entering his prime (25 years old). As much as the Giants need Lincecum and Cain around long-term, they also need to make sure they have quality guys surrounding them, and Pablo should be right there after Timmy and Matty in terms of players needing multi-year deals. I really think that if the Giants play their cards right, they can probably get Pablo now for a fraction of a price that he'll end up costing them on a year-to-year basis through arbitration. He puts up another season like last year or 2009 and he can go into arbitration next winter and already start asking for double-figures ($10+ million).

Also hitting arbitration for the first time with Pablo, are Nate Schierholtz and Sergio Romo, and the Giants still have to figure out Mike Fontenot's figure for 2012. Of the three, it wouldn't surprise me if the Giants ended up giving Romo a multi-year deal after the success he's shown over 2010 and 2011. He's established himself as one of the leagues premiere set-up men as evident by his 1.50 ERA, 70 K to 5 BB ratio and a 0.71 WHIP over 49 innings in 2011.

NOTE: Since the post, the Giants have exchanged figures with Lincecum, coming up with a $4.5M difference ($17M to $21.5M). As I thought, he'll probably end up getting right around $18-19M. The Giants also signed Nate Schieholtz, knocking another off the list, to a very reasonable $1.2 million dollar deal. I thought he'd wind up getting closer to $2-3M, but I'll take it. I expect a resolution with Timmy soon as well..... Also, the team must have read my post, because literally hours after I wrote this suggesting they extend Pablo Sandoval, they sign him to a 3-year extension for just over $17 million which is huge in terms that the Giants won't have to deal with Pablo in arbitration any more. In all seriousness, I knew nothing about an impending extension when writing this, but I knew the Giants were interested as was Panda. This is a lot like the deal they gave Brian Wilson, only they're only giving Pablo about $5.75 million per season when I thought he'd get at least $5-6 million in arbitration this year, and possibly double that next winter with another .315/25/90 campaign. Great signing and deserving recipient!
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  • At 4:10 PM, Anonymous Javy said…

    Wow, I didn't know Romo was so dominant. He's got better numbers than "The Beard", so I see why the Giants are hesitant to give Brian Wilson a big contract extension.

  • At 8:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Good to see the Giants get busy finally and start signing some guys. I have a good feeling that them and Tim Lincecum will agree on a deal, maybe not a long-term but at least a one or two year contract.

    I agree with your thought on Pablo. He's a great value at only 17 million dollars over 3 years. That's a really good signing. I'm liking that one and the Vogelsong extension too.

  • At 1:23 PM, Anonymous Jason Billingsley said…

    Are the Giants going to do anything else? I mean, Cody Ross is just begging to come back, but why don't they seem to want him. He carried the offense in the 2010 playoffs. Is Sabean's memory that short!?

  • At 4:16 PM, Blogger Trevor Cole said…

    Yeah, Ross is one of the best remaining FA's and I have a feeling that Boston will turn to him with Carl Crawford's start of the season now in question and them thin in the outfield. I hope they look at Johnny Damon or Raul Ibanez or someone else and save Cody for the Giants.

    Ryan Ludwick just signed for only $2.5 million, so you gotta think that Cody won't get too much more than that. Maybe 4.5 mill or so, and he's definitely worth that, even if he ended up as the 4th outfielder. I actually think, if healthy, he beats Schierholtz out for the everyday RF job.

    And no, I don't think re-signing Ross would tamper with Brandon Belt's ab's at all. If Belt is hitting, the Giants will find a spot for him, whether it's first or left. They showed that with Posey (by trading Molina mid-season in 2010).


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