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Friday, January 20, 2012

Lincecum Now Last Giant Seeking 2012 Contract

After the Giants came to deals with nearly all their arbitration eligible players this week, including signing Sergio Romo to a one-year deal Friday, the teams final arbitration eligible player is also their biggest. Even though their preliminary figures were $4.5 million off, I still expect the Giants and their ace to come to terms before they'd be forced to go before an arbiter.

The Giants gave one of the premiere set-up men in the game in Sergio Romo, a one-year, $1.5 million deal. That's more than double what he made in 2011, but the right-hander has really earned it as he's become one of the games premiere set-up men. The only minor concern I have with Romo is his durability. At such a young age (28), you'd expect him to be able to take on more of work-load than the 49 innings he threw in 2011, but none the less, the 49 innings he threw in 2011 were pretty darn dominant. He ended the season with a 1.5 era, 70 K's, 5 BB's, and a 0.71 WHIP over those 48 innings, which are some pretty gaudy numbers. Anytime your over 1.5 K's per inning, that's something special, and Romo is right there, but what's even more impressive is his uncanny command. Five walks in 20 innings isn't bad, let alone 48, and when you couple that with 70 K's, the ratio is ridiculous. He gave up some big home runs during the 2010 championship run, but kept his composure enough to finish off well during the championship run, then just destroy National League hitters in 2011, his first as a full-time set-up man. Again though, he had some arm troubles in September that hopefully came from all the work in 2010, pitching until November, then all the K's early on in 2011. And with the signing of Romo, the contract the given to Sandoval and the one-year deals dished out to Nate Schierholtz, Melky Cabrera and Angel Pagan in the last few days, the Giants have taken care of all their arbitration players except Lincecum.

I mentioned in the last post that I thought Lincecum would wind up at $18+ million, and I still think he' gets around $18-19M. As good as he's been during his young career, it's tough for any arbitration player to ask for north of $20 million, even one as accomplished as Lincecum. Heck, it's tough to net $20 million per year as an accomplished free agent in his prime, let alone a player in his arbitration years. That said, if anyone is worth it, Lincecum is, with his 2 Cy Young's and incredible numbers he's piled up since 2008. The thing I think that's holding the two parties up, is the Giants trying to encourage Lincecum's party to take a multi-year deal, like they were able to do with Pablo Sandoval. Whether it's a 3 year deal that buys out a year of free agency or a 5-year deal (which is what I think the club really wants to do), I think the Giants are trying to persuade Lincecum into taking one or the other, but I see Timmy sticking to his guns and taking only a deal for the 2012 season for now. It's just a question as to how much he'll end up getting. If I'm the Giants, I show some good faith now, hoping it comes back to help them in the end, and give Timmy his $20 million and let him set a new record. They don't have to go $21.5M like Lincecum's asking, but I bet if they offered $20M, Lincecum's agents would jump all over it. They shouldn't let the difference of $2-3 million bucks cause any ill will with their star pitcher when they're trying to sign him long-term.
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  • At 4:49 PM, Anonymous Texas Giants Fan said…

    Yeah, I'd give Timmy 5 years and $100 million, why not. Not my money. He's done so much for that franchise though and is such a draw that it'd be a hardy investment for the Giants.

  • At 1:56 PM, Anonymous Carl Eddison said…

    Who do the Giants have as backup outfielders, assuming Pagan, Cabrera and Nate the Great are all starting? Brandon Belt, is that it? Why do I keep reading everywhere that the Giants have a crowded outfield? They need outfielders the way I see it.

    Sign Cody Ross already Sabean!!! He's just out there begging to be swooped up and I'm in agreement that Ross would beat out Schierholtz for the starting job if he re-signed.


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