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Monday, January 09, 2012

Giants Inactivity A Cause for Concern

I know Ronny Cedeno isn't going to get anybody excited or optimistic, but the 27 year-old was, not too long ago, a top prospect in the Cubs organization. Granted, he hasn't yet materialized at the big league level, I still think he's well worth the $1.15 million he'll make to back up Ruben Tejada for the Mets, and could have been a defensive utility guy the Giants could have used.

Sure, missing out on Cedeno isn't some big blunder by any means, but in the grand scheme of things, as I've said all winter, I wouldn't mind another option up the middle outside of Manny Burris and Mike Fontenot. Cedeno is a terrific defender, who's near gold-glove caliber at short and above average at second, so if your motto is pitching and defense (like the Giants), this guy would appear to have fit in nicely. Even though Cedeno had an off year with the bat in 2011, in roughly a full-season's worth of at-bats (616) spread out over '09 and '10, he put up a .258 average with 13 home runs, 59 RBI with 14 steals to go with that great defense. What really weighs him down though, is his low on-base percentage, which sits at .297 for his career. I could very well see this guy becoming a late bloomer, a la Jose Bautista, obviously not a power hitter like that, but becoming a .300 hitter or so eventually, and that would make him a pretty good player (I mean, he was a premium prospect just 4-5 years ago so he's got the talent). I'm sure Sabean at least inquired about Cedeno and tried to see if they could get him in on a minor league deal since the 40-man is full and they likely wouldn't want to cut anyone lose for Cedeno. It's not like he's the difference between the Giants contending and not, but again, I would have liked to see Sabean pro-active in his attempt to upgrade this roster, especially if you can get a middle infielder that can pick it and provide some competition for Burris and Fontenot heading into Scottsdale next month!

With Cedeno off the market now, it leaves the middle infield options dwindling down. With Freddy's uncertainty and injury-ridden past, and Brandon Crawford's greenness, the Giants seriously need to look into another option on the free agent market, and there still are a couple infielders waiting to be snagged. The two guys I like the most that are left, are Ryan Theriot, who could actually start at short for this team if Crawford proves again that he's not to hit at this level, and Wilson Betemit, who would be a sound insurance policy for Freddy Sanchez at 2nd, while also playing some 3rd base. He's another guy, who in 2010 and 2011 combined got about 1 season's worth of at-bats, and put up some sneaky good numbers (.290/21/89/.844 OPS). The only reason teams are scared off is because of the 29 year-old's sketchy defense (.947 fielding percentage in '11), but the Giants already have a bunch of glove-guys on their roster. A Betemit signing improves the bench tenfold, and yes, I would drop someone like Tyler Graham or Dan Otero off the 40-man in order to get him! They shouldn't do nothing and send Burris the message that he'll be on the 25-man roster in April, whether he shows up and hits .150 in spring training or not, that's just not what winning teams do. They stock pile all the good players they possibly can. Plus, they sure want Betemit back in Detroit!

That's my exact train of thought when I think about re-signing Cody Ross as well. Why not bring the guy back on a one-year deal when he's proven a clutch player already for the Giants? And don't give me that "it'll take away AB's away from Brandon Belt" crap cause if Belt hits ML pitching this year, he'll be playing, over Huff, Ross or somebody else, so don't even worry about that. I love Timmy, Matty and what the bullpen did, but this team doesn't win the World Series in 2010 without Cody Ross. Bring him back and upgrade the infield Sabes, or SF will be looking up at AZ once again! Also, while on the topic of spending money, if your looking for the best MLB picks, check out Cooper's!
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  • At 5:55 PM, Anonymous grand salami said…

    I'm not too scared. We got Buster coming back and Freddy too. Two key guys we barely had in 2011.

    Your right about them still needing an Outfielder though like Cody Ross or someone. They only have four outfielders with ML experience on their 40-man roster and those are Angel Pagan, Melky Cabrera, Nate Schierholtz and Justin Christian. They have to upgrade there. I'd be OK with Emanuel Burris and Fontenot as the utility guys if they get another good outfielder.

  • At 7:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    We need Cody signed...The way the Giant's roster goes, he'll be the everyday guy by May.

  • At 2:51 PM, Anonymous Giants in 2012 said…

    Betemit's a free agent? That guy can rake. I remember watching them play the A's and he roped A's pitchers, the good ones too.

    If they could get him like on a Cedeno deal, for 1 mill, heck yeah do it. his defense can't be much worse than Derosa, Keppinger and tejada's.

  • At 2:00 AM, Anonymous The Talking Giants Baseball Blog said…

    I think Sabean is giving the middle finger to fans. To publicly say that you are done making major moves early in the offseason because your budget is capped is an insult to the thousands of fans who pay hundreds of dollars to watch their team succeed.


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